Server Update 5/08/2014 - "Hell Part 3" Expansion

Server Update 5/08/2014 - "Hell Part 3" Expansion

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Update May 8th, 2014 - Hell Part 3 Expansion

* King of Duels
** New Weekly Card Battle Tournaments found in Juncton's underground arena.
** Open to players level 60+ with 10+ cards collected.
** Each card collected is now assigned 4 elements (water, fire, earth, void) and a power rating.
** Top 50 players each week receive various amount of Gems!
** Top winner receives the new "Arena Ring"!
** Tournament starts Sunday nights and ends Saturday nights (server time)
** For detail tournament rules and prizes, please visit King of Duels in Juncton

* New Hell Levels 7-9
** Requires level 100+ to enter (yes it's limited to few players now, but it's incentive to level!)
** Fight the formidable Baal, Queen Lilith, and Lucifer
** Hell 7 & 8 rewards pre-enhanced Hell items. Hell 9 rewards Greater Hell Items

* New Gears
** Added Greater Devil Set
** Set Extra Bonus: 56% damage bonus or 28% damage reduction vs bosses.
** Obtainable in Hell 9. Level 103+ can also obtain through Monster Arena and Mystery Box.
** Added Arena Ring, only way to obtain by wining the King of Duels!

* Level cap increased
** Players can now reach level 106
** Allies can now reach level 106

* Added 2 New Super Allies
** Requires level 90 to use
** Gabriella: Teleport (block + always on free travel), protect aura (shield), weaken
** Guardian: Gigaheal (3x more powerful than Eli's), Cancel (30% base block), Copy

* 5 New Advanced Badges
** Defeat bosses of Hell 7-9 to earn 3 badges
** Win battles in King of Duels to earn 2 badges.
** Get these to increase your max energy by 10!

* Black Market Upgraded
** Max auctioning items increased to 20 (amount visible depending on player's level)
** Added devil gears (level 98)
** Added devil ring (level 98)
** Added positron ring (level 95)

* Monster Arena Reward Upgraded:
** Final boss now rewards up to Greater Devil Set.
** Level 103+ for Greater Devil Set, level 100+ for Devil Set, level 97+ for positron set.
** Rewards are based on character level (similar mechanism as FW/MB/Altantis). MA rewards have 50% of conversion to extended if the received item is 1 level below extended.

* Misc Game Improvements
** Added 'Z' hotkey to toggle last two premium ally (storied on as browser cookie, need press 'c' to close)
** Added 'D' hotkey to decode/pick (note: this will make the forced delay to catch scripters more obvious)
** Max bank storage increased to 80.
** Max guild extended storage increased to 80 (for total of 100).
** Positron items can now be vaulted (losing all enhances)
** Added "Equip" button bank screen if item is equippable and inventory is full (must not be in battle)
** Add missing drop item confirmation in various places.
** Fallen damage absorb cap raised to 500M
** Poseidon damage absorb cap raised to 2B (MS/Kong-S2 Poseidon HP increased to 8B)
** Fixed guild merge exploit, new guilds created in past 24 hours cannot be merged.
** Misc bug fixes.

Update May 14, 2014
* King of Duels start end time have now been adjusted to the same time as server refresh, so the next tournament will be fair to players in all timezones without sacrificing sleep.

Update May 18, 2014
* The next King of Duels tournament will reduce the minimum visible opponent selection from 10 to 5 to increase difficulty and competition for top players.
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