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Server Updates 12/8 - 12/15

PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 3:37 am
by admin
Going to start this list early this week, will be adding to it as we patch more:

- Chatting with The Wiseman will no longer require one extra energy.
- New option encountering The Wiseman for those who like trivia questions.
- Auto focuses input boxes (hoping this will fix unclickable issue on rare IE7's finally)
- Updated stats area border to look nicer.
- Some minor bug fixes.

- updated mushroom encounter to slightly more favorable
- correctly showing when opponent are hitting you critically
- tweaked ally combat to slightly adjust damage/healing output ratio
- you now can view up to 100 of your friends playing in the ranking page
- changed guildbar footer background color

- fixed an incorrect PvP ally healing boost made earlier
- slightly increased difficulty for some bosses to offset increase in skill damages below
- game balancing changes for the three different classes:
    - moderately increased most of gun skill's damage output
    - increased most of sword skill's damage output
    - slightly increased some entry magic skill's damage output
    - capped maximum strength augmented at healer to 32 (before mod)
    - also after reaching 32 dex/int/qui, you will no longer find those pills in boxes
    - constitution will remain uncapped as it helps all classes