Server Update 9/12/2017 - Olympus 2 Expansion

Server Update 9/12/2017 - Olympus 2 Expansion

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Update September 12, 2017

Mount Olympus Part 2

The angry gods on Mount Olympus has become furious as brave dreamers invaded their home. They have summoned the help of the ancient dragon race to fight for them and to guard their true power forms.

- 3 new areas with 15 Dragons bosses and enraged god bosses
-- Defeating the top areas opens the new lower dragon area for free
-- Lower Olympus area requirement: 106/109/112
-- Each new area is guarded by 5 different dragons and one true enraged god form
-- Lower area rewards god/god+8/greater-god equipments, as well as same stones and fame as their top parts
-- Lower area opens/reopen when top is finished, closed after winning
-- Coin cost to open Olympus dungeons doubled as it now opens 2 areas

- Ally Improvements + 2 New Pets
-- Max Ally Skill level increased to 30
-- Some previous premium ally level requirements lowered
-- 2 New Allies requiring level 100+
-- Dragonling: with player damage +20% (trainable)
-- Princess Sara: with player exp +15% (trainable, does not need to equip, stacks additively with Princess Eli)

- Level caps increased to 120
-- Character maximum level increased to 120
-- Pet maximum level increased to 120

- New Equipments and Updates
-- Greater God equipments
-- God and Greater God "Guardian" swords now have +25% block chance
-- New Olympus Ring (+200 max energy, badge reward only)
-- Mystery Boxes may reward Greater God items for level 110+

- New Background Music (Use Options to disable)
-- Added 3 background scores
-- Town background theme, dungeon/fight background theme, boss background theme
-- Go to character screen, click the options link and use top checkbox to disable

- Added 5 New Badges (total +13 more energy)
-- Defeat 8000 of each type dragons - Dragon Slayer, Dragon Lord, Dragon God
-- Win King od Duels 3 times (rewards Olympus ring) - Duel God
-- Obtain 59 badges - Badge God (+5 energy)

- King of Duels (KoD) Changes
-- New light cards, light +25% on defense vs all cards
-- Void (dark) card now +25% offense vs fire/water/earth, fire/water/earth/light get +25% when dark card is on defense
-- Some dark cards changed to light: Great Sandworm, The Princess, Alcon Fortress, Demon Sandworm, Mystic Guardian, Mystic Dragon, Time Bunny, Zeus, Atropos, Apollo, Athena, Demeter
-- Win #1 spot 3 times to get the Olympus ring

- Free energy increased: (0.5)
-- Player level cap increased to level 70
-- You can now have 100 points over softcap and still qualify
-- You can balance of up to 100 Gems and still qualify

- Black Market Changes
-- Greater Devil Items now may show up in the Black Market
-- Starting bid prices increased for various items to reduce overbids

- Misc improvements and balancing: (1.5)
-- Lowered gem cost for imp boss summons
-- Lowered gem cost for demon gates and alien portal
-- Wishing well donate cost for Hell doubled, Olympus 4X
-- Every 4th purchase of 1000+ Gem package after this expansion (everyone starting from 0) will reward a 7-star mob card instead of 6-star
-- All gate rewards completed within 12 hours now get extra enhancement bonus, up to +16 within 30 minutes (previous only Demon Gates had up to +7 bonus)
-- Greater Devil items are now vautlable
-- Enhance transfer loss percentage increased (based loss 15% + 3% per level)
-- Defending mystics now only requires 20 members (may change if needed)
-- Ally skill training chance will become fixed 3% on level 20 instead of 21
-- Sell confirmation prompts for highly enhanced and important items now have red text
-- Fixed Girl in Red quests in Olympus
-- Misc bug fixes
-- New Expansion Event starts now and ends next Monday

It would be great if everyone can help and show support by spreading the news of the new expansion to past Dream World players!
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