Server Updates 12/16 - 12/22

Server Updates 12/16 - 12/22

Postby admin » Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:47 am

Here are some of the changes we patched this week so far:

- Increased coin redemption amount for higher levels players when redeeming extra crystal gifts over the limit.
- Encountering new allies while traveling with a premium ally will not deduct energy for the explore
- Many trivia questions has been made up-to-date and will accept more answers than before.
- Minor bug fixes
- Changes made in preparation to comply with new Facebook platform policies:
    - One of Daily Free Chest's multiplier was changed to 1 extra multiplier per badge earned
    (players with virtual members still get 1 extra multiplier per 2 virtual members)
    - Invitation Requests second choice is changed from "no thanks" to "view screenshots"
    - gifting 500 coins into page when login has been removed
    - feed publish dialogs will no longer appear automatically
- fixed the limit of pvp attacks per session to be based on defender instead of challenger
- crystal gifting changes
    - you will only be prompted once to send gift per day (before using the daily chest)
    - a "send gift" button has been added to the top for you to send crystals if you haven't yet
    - choosing sending crystal to "game friends" will now includes non-guildmate friends.
    - yellow crystal set is now worth 20 learning points instead of 15!
    - red crystal set has been upgraded to 40 skill points instead of 20!
    - pink crystal has been replaced with red crystal in free gift page
    - daily maxium redeem has been increased 6!
    - you can now redeem more than 1 crystal per friend per day if it was sent recently, but still capped by daily maximum
- some of the main npcs now has updated images
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