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Server Update 5/07/2019 - Mystic Arena / Evolvable Expansion

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2019 4:25 pm
by admin
Update May 07, 2019

Mystic Arena / Card Evolution

The Gods of Olympus has joined the Mystics and created the new Mystic Arena to challenge level 100+ players. At the same time, mob cards have gained power of evolution to give higher exp bonus and power in King of Duels!

- Mystic Arena now open at Mystics War area
-- Open to all players level 100+
-- Requires same Arena Pass as Monster Arena
-- Similar rules as Monster Arena with harder bosses and better rewards.
-- Challenge the 7 Mystic Bosses and 3 New Mystic Olympus Bosses!
-- Final boss rewards New Mystic Items for level 117+
-- Final boss rewards Greater God Items for level 112+
-- Final boss rewards God Items for level 107+

- Evolvable Mod Cards
-- All cards 4-star and higher can be evolved up to 3 times
-- Each evolution add 1% extra exp bonus and adds 10% base power to the card
-- Evolution consumes 30 Gems and an identical card (same mob and evolution), the identical card is lost permanently during the evolution.
-- Evolvable card is marked with clickable open circle on the card's lower left corner in your cards list
-- Card's evolution is marked with starred circle at lower left corner

- Level Cap Increase
-- Maximum player level increased to 130
-- Maximum pet level increased to 130
-- Maximum item enhanced to 1500
-- Maximum ally skill increased to 40

- New Mystic Items
-- Rewarded for defeating final boss for level 117+ in Mystic Arena
-- Rewarded as a rare drop for level 115+ in Mystery Boxes
-- Up to 300 bonus stats, 80% boss damage and 40% boss protection

- Added 5 New Badges
-- Own 10 evolved cards : Star Collector
-- Own 10 maximum evolution cards : Master Collector
-- Defeat 100 of 3 New Bosses: Mystic Hestia, Mystic Hera, Mystic Zeus

- Misc Improvements and Balancing
-- King of Duels entrance lowered to 50
-- increased Monster Arena boss hp for level 101+
-- Arena ring purchasable in black market for level 102+
-- God items now purchasable in black market for level 105+

It would be great if everyone can help and show support by spreading the news of the new expansion to past Dream World players!

Re: Server Update 5/07/2019 - Mystic Arena / Evolvable Expan

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2019 11:14 pm
by admin
Update May 13, 2019

- Lowered final three bosses of Mystic Arena by 40%
- Lowered the HP increase for level 101+ in Monster Arena
- Minor bug fix