A minor change made to restarting characters

A minor change made to restarting characters

Postby admin » Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:41 am

Due to recent exploits, virtual members are no longer retained if you restart your character (you will have 0 virtual members if you reset). All other premium item and entitlements will still be retained however. It's not advised to restart your character unless you really mean to start over from the beginning. To summarize below:

What you keep when you restart your character:
- Premium items purchased
- Premium bank storage and extension slots purchased
- Entitlement to summon (use) previous purchased premium, assuming you meet the level requirement
- Current gem balance if you made any purchases.

You lose the follow when restarting your character:
- virtual members
- all character level and skill levels
- all character attributes
- all earned badges and quests
- all coins and items in inventory
- all items stored in bank
- all crystals
- you current ally and allies in ally hotel
- anything else not mentioned in the keep section.
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