Server Update 12/20/2021 - Happy Holidays!

Server Update 12/20/2021 - Happy Holidays!

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Update December 20, 2021

Happy Holidays 2021 Update

Hope everyone has been busy looking for Ms. Santa and enjoying the hourly Mystery Boxes! Dream World is the first game we released 12 years ago, and will always be our most important and successful game! We would like to take a moment to thank all players for staying with us through the years. Also, a special thanks to the loyal supporters who helped to fund all the updates and expansions to make the game as great as it is today!

- New Level Caps
-- Maximum player level increased to 140
-- Maximum pet level increased to 140
-- Maximum pet skill level to 50
-- Maximum item enhanced to 1800

- Super Summon Challenge
-- Imp offer optional 9 gem super-boss-summon for guild-based bosses after alien portal
-- Boss does double damage and receives half
-- Boss names prefixed with 2 asterisks (**)
-- Rewards one-tier higher gear!
-- Rewards 10 extra mystic stones!

- New Badges and KoD Badge Update
-- New badges rewards all loyal players who have been playing a long time
-- 3 new fame badges: 1m, 5m, 20m mob wins
-- 2 new collector badges: 30 evolved cards, 30 max elvoved cards
-- KoD badge more obtainable, now require only in top 5 three times

- New Premium Pets
-- Available to level 110+
-- Catalina: exp-bonus (stackable, does not require equip), block, weaken
-- Gullveig: damage-boost, heal, copy
-- All pets max skill level increased to 50
-- Delayed the reduced 3% success odds to start at level 20, 2% to start level 35

- New Maximum Gears
-- Greater Mystic Item with high mods and 90% weapon damage / 45% armor prot against bosses
-- Rewarded for mystic arena level 122+
-- Mystery box drop for level 120

- Misc Changes
-- Guild vault and black market items can now be claimed/purchased for players up to 10 levels below item level (previously requires within 8/6 levels or less)
-- King of Duels entrance level requirement lowered to 40
-- Greater God items now purchasable in black market for level 105+
-- Minor bug fixes

We wish all Dreamers and their family and friends:

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
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