Server Update 07/31/2012 - Atlantis Expansion

Server Update 07/31/2012 - Atlantis Expansion

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Update July 31, 2012

"Atlantis Expansion"

A Dream World explorer has stumbled upon a ancient map that marks the location of an ancient civilization. Based on the map, geologists have located the lost city of Atlantis, which is located just offshore from Oceana, below the waters. It has been reported that the guardians of this underwater city still exist, and they use advanced positron based weapons and technology to defend against intruders.

* New area: Atlantis
** Similar to Hell Gate but for high levels (level 88+)
** 7 new super mobs and newest super boss: lvl 103 Poseidon
** Unlike Fallen, level penalty is fixed so being at higher/lower level does not make him easier/harder.
** Buy diving kit with coins or gems to enter once per boss instance. There is no boss to defeat to gain entry.
** Similar encounters (GoD, chests, etc) except wishing wells are replaced by mushrooms (no wells underwater). Atlantis mobs will give higher exp than Fallen mobs.
** Reward mechanics is similar to Faction Wars and is based on level (with new Positron gear rewarded to level 98+)
** 1st place has 100% chance of extension upgrade IF received a max-level non-extended item in a set. 2nd has 50%, 3rd has 30%, and rest have 10%.
** There are similar (but higher) exp bonus for player and guilds. HOWEVER, all player/guild will only earn the higher value of their Fallen/Atlantis bonus.
** Top 5 players will get 20%/18%/16%/14%/12% exp bonus and rest will receive 1% per 20M up to 10%. Top 7 player's guild will receive 20%/18%/16%/14%/12%/10%/8%,
** Fallen is no longer accessible by level 95+. All 95+ player will receive honorary 10% bonus (assuming they don't get higher bonus in Atlantis)

* New positron item set
** Drops for level 98+ in Atlantis and in MBs.
** +45% boss damage, +20% boss absorb
** Positron ring is a rare MB drop only, +100 max energy

* Black Market auctions
** Use coins to bid on premium items, extended post-game equipments, and rare rings.
** Auction items not usable and rings not receivable by the player are hidden from view.
** Up to 10 items are auctioned at a time. Every bid must be 10% higher than the previous.
** Each auction has a 180 minute timer and new bids placed below 30 minute remaining will reset the timer to 30 minute.
** Won items are sent to the winner via mail and returned bid is refunded to the player's bank.
** Accessible via mainland towns (below arena button) for level 40+, though players will need to be 50+ to see any equipments.

* New Level Cap
** Level cap increased to 100
** Amount exp required from 99 to 100 is same as level from 1 to 99.
** After more than 1 player reaches level 100, faction point becomes tie breaker again.

* New Allies
** Huntress, the female cyborg - skills: visionscope (increase damage), nanoshield, copy
** Eli, the mermaid princess - skills: beauty (increase exp), mermaid's kiss, weaken
** Available for purchase/use for level 75+

* New Side Quests
** "Arena Business" - Lakeview Healer - Defeat 20 opponent in monster arena.
** "Faction Wars" - Juncton Trainer - Deal damage to 20 different Mobile Fortresses.
** Both new side quests are repeatable.

* Guild Merge Function
** The guild master can choose to merge their guild into another guild if following are true.
** The guild to be merged into must have open admission and have at least 5+ members.
** The result total members will not exceed maximum member limit of the merged in guild.
** The members of guild merging from must all met the minimum level set by the to be merged guild.
** The donated fund will be merged but all vaulted items in the merge from guild will be lost.

* Improved Faction Bonuses
** Faction levels = experience bonus (eg. faction lv 10 = 10% exp bonus)
** Faction points = max SP bonus (eg. 300 faction point = 300 max SP bonus. max still capped at 32,767)

* Game improvements and fixes
** Drow items are vault-storable but will lose all enhances. Also, players will need to be within 6 levels to request/take instead of 8 for Drow items.
** Added confirmation when navigating away from special encounters.
** Confirmation for switching from one premium ally to another has been suppressed.
** Added "purge" link on home screen that deletes all excepted unused claim links. Messages with item content cannot be purge/cleared. However all message will be deleted when expired as they are right now.
** You can now see whether a guild has open admission the rank list (marked by X for "Auto Join" column).
** Mothership HP has been significantly boosted so the don't accidentally "die".
** Fixed a bug where Possessed Jawba is counted as an alien instead of possessed boss (now it counts as both).
** Fixed a bug where faction level and points are displayed incorrect for offline players.
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Re: Server Update 07/31/2012 - Atlantis Expansion

Postby admin » Thu Aug 02, 2012 1:59 pm

Update August 2, 2012 (patchless)

* Increased maximum bank storage to 40 (7 extension purchases).
* Battle fatigue for melee weapons will not start after round 16 (previously 15).
* Talisman's sword skill will now reach the max 6x damage at round 20 instead of 30.
* Black Market buy now gem price slightly tweaked lower for some items.
* Black Market's Dream World and Positron gears is now longer biddable by players who cannot acquire them in game (need to be level 95/98).
* Fixed a bug where items with apostrophe in their name cannot be bought with gems.
* Minor bug fixes.
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