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Server Updates 12/23 - 12/29

PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 4:38 am
by admin
- Newsletter #1 was sent out on 12/23 to those who had signed up for email.
- New guardian image
- Added a "restart" link in top-right the "character" (explained below)
- Added a bit more cloth for the beggar
- Added checks to prevent intentional PvP farming, and attempt to exploit it will get you banned.
- Added color initial to selected buttons to make puzzles easier for some folks.
- Added button to write on friends wall to remind them to play if they are inactive.
- Various minor fixes

The restart link:
- This link is for two types of players, those who wants to start over, and those who beat the game and want to try a new class.
- For those who just want to start over, the old character will be erased and the process is irreversible.
- For those who already beat the game, your previous character is saved in a special table. When the expansion is ready in few months, you will have option to reclaim the character you last beat the game with.
- When restarting, you get to keep your gems, your guild members, crystals, and any premium items or membership you purchased. Everything else (including coins/inventory on hand or in bank storage, non-premium allies, learning points, skill points, level, etc.) will be reset.