Server Updates 12/30 - 1/05

Server Updates 12/30 - 1/05

Postby admin » Wed Dec 30, 2009 4:17 am

- Added Super Elite mobs (purple) after level 25, and guardian/bosses will be also highlighted purple
- All special characters and elite mobs can have a chance to block normal attacks after level 16
- Monsters after level 14 has slight chance to become "enraged" after getting hit
- Slightly increased chance of mushroom and wishing well of refilling your skill points
- Gambler will offer to wager more coins
- Increased session timeout for players with high security settings (please add "" as trusted site if still timing too often)

- Added a new mini game that appears when you visit a friend that already has a dream stone (daily limit 10 plays)
- Slightly boosted armor for some bosses
- Fixed couple crystal redeem issue and loopholes
- Boosted damage dealt by monsters and special characters above level 25
- Minor bug fixes
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