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Server Update 10/28/2011

PostPosted: Fri Oct 28, 2011 12:48 pm
by admin
Update October 28, 2011

- Halloween Special Event:
-- Go the the Guardian Screen to visit the "Haunted House" every 30 minutes.
-- Reward is either Mystery Box, Enhance Potion, Candy for +30 Energy, or Candy for SP Refill.
-- Includes the normal Exp/Coin event bonuses and Gems Sale.
-- Ends 11:59PM 10/31 Server Time (PST)

- Mystic Wars Improvements:
-- Each time a wonder is defeated, all other wonder gets up to 20 more repairs (capped at 30), instead of resetting to 30.
-- All Mystic Bosses have a 2% chance of dropping either a Mystery Box or an Enhance Potion

- New loopholes and excessive scripting prevention:
-- All players are limited to a maximum of 3000 mist potions purchased per day.
-- Mystery Box will no longer drop pills for a stat with 1300+ base value.

- Other Improvements:
-- Guardian dolls now reset big bosses instant kill counter to 0 on activation.
-- GM can now message players who are applying to the guild.
-- Minor cosmetic art changes in some areas (may require clearing cache)

A new content update currently planned for mid-December, before the Holidays.