Server Update - 11/23/2009

Server Update - 11/23/2009

Postby admin » Mon Nov 23, 2009 7:35 am

We deployed a patch this morning with some new features and major enhancements:

- Banking system: Everyone can enjoy a free standard bank account. Similar to other games, you pay a 10% deposit fee to stash your coins to protect them.
- Banker's guild: An option premium membership that has many benefit: zero-fee deposits, ability to store 2 allies, 5 extra inventory storage, and no-restriction travel.
- Treasure Chest: Don't like Math? You can try to bash the chest with ~50% chance of opening it.
- Fairy Dust are now available for purchase in healers, no you don't have to wait for encountering the Dust Merchant.
- Removed NPC from world ranking.
- Removed restriction to open full inventory screen during battle.
- Highest Mage class is now called "Great Wizard".
- Ally levels: The level displayed for allies will now include their "built-in" level to avoid confusion, so you may see an increase in your ally's level as level when they learn their skills.
- Various minor bug fixes.

More changes planned for later this week:
- Major UI enhancements
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