Server Update 12/19/2011 - Holiday Update +"Monster Arena"

Server Update 12/19/2011 - Holiday Update +"Monster Arena"

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Update December 19, 2011

Holiday Update / "Monster Arena" Expansion

- Holiday Santa Event
-- In addition to normal exp/coins/gems bonuses, Santa and Guardian will be giving out free Mystery Boxes.
-- You can find Santa while exploring, up to 24 times each day.
-- Guardian will be given away free Mystery Boxes every hour.
-- Ends January 2, 2012!

- New "Monster Arena" for level 45+
-- Single player survival mode, fight until defeated.
-- Entrance require Arena Pass, which drops can drop from chests at 2% chance up to once every 8 hour interval, or from Mystery Boxes at 5% chance.
-- Fight new powerful bosses and challenge couple old improved ones.
-- Monsters' difficulty and levels are based on player's level, so it will be challenging for everyone.
-- Earn a prize for each opponent you defeat the arena.
-- The "Drop" button in the inventory screen that appears when no more space will become "Sell" for sellable items.

- New Possessed Boss
-- The ninth possessed boss can now be found in Base 13 for level 91+ players.
-- Much stronger than other possessed bosses.

- New Ultimate Item Set
-- "Dream World" set, level 93-99.
-- Weapon 40% boss damage, armor 16% boss protection, ring 30% damage, increase 9 stats per grade.
-- Drops rarely from Mystery Boxes for level 93+ players.

_ New vault storage rules.
-- Storing items with 25+ enhance level will cause it to loose 4% of it's enhances. (prevents equipment sharing/enhancing abuse)
-- Brand new (non-enhanced) Greater Fallen Items can now be stored in the guild vault.

- New increased level caps
-- Player level now capped to level 99. Exp will no longer gather after hitting this level. Level 95+ player will have green color in ranking screen.
-- Item enhance level cap now increased to 1000. From 900 to 1000, each enhance potion will only have 5% of success and does not increase with failure. (900 is still the fusion result cap)
-- Ally skill level increased to 25. From 21 to 25, each skill book will only have 3% of success and does not increase with failure.

- Other improvements
-- PvP battle-fatigue: For each round of battle after 10th, both attacker and defender loses 1% weapon block chance.
-- Guild roster now show actual city/dungeon location for online players.
-- Guilds now need at least 3 members to be win an invasion. (prevent temporary guilds from winning)
-- Added premium option to rename guild names (names only, not initial).
-- New Fallen's HP will be set to 8 Billion.
-- Mystic wars: Maximum roll over stones after war phase is over is now 90 (up from 80).

[ Note: This update notes only applies to Facebook version of the game. Myspace version notes is linked to the Updates Wall as usual ]
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