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Rydia enters Asgard

PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2020 1:23 am
by Mutt
So I was never able to test the beta as my link didn’t work but I’m in the process of playing the launch on iOS. The game is very cute and fun so far. There are some grammar issues I’ve noticed with the tutorial texts when talking about the cross slash skill in the beginning. Otherwise there are few issues I’ve noticed thus far. The dialog is cute from the characters and the gameplay is smooth. It has an auto play function which is nice too but I don’t recommend for the third stage as you start taking higher damage from the enemies. Chests are fun and the riddles aren’t too difficult. It is energy based which is a little disappointing but not a deterrent to playing. I haven’t had too much time to invest but so far it’s not a download and then delete trash game. They put time into it and it references the original dreamworld as well but I won’t spoil that. I will note that the equipment drops you find along the way won’t be able to be equipped until after the third stage so don’t panic thinking you weren’t getting those items from chests. Anyhow maybe I’ll see you there as my in game name Rydia and hopefully I manage to make another AoD as I do in all my applications to pay homage to the original.