Very entertaining!

Very entertaining!

Postby Fieryshoe » Tue Nov 10, 2020 7:08 pm

Downloaded Return to Asgard not really knowing what to expect. Still faithfully playing Dreamworld after all these years, so anything that makes reference to DW is going to get my attention. Been playing it for a few days now and I must say...I am entertained!

1) This game kinda feels like Avengers: End Game, where you have the team going back to the past and revisiting well known locations and doing things a little differently. There is SO much more to do now with the customization of your character. Whether it is the enchants, the new soulstones, all the skills, finding the right weapons and classes for what you are doing, it is all going to keep you busy and entertained. I am enjoying it so far, and what I love is that I can easily play it while I am at work or on the move.

2) There are many free elements to this game but there are also a few things that will make your life easier if you spend a little. You don't have to, but the option is there. I would suggest though, perhaps only having items that you can currently equip show up in the Black Market? I do like the idea of the gem card, which will help you to save up those gems and if you want to make a big splash later in the future, you can...without breaking the bank.

3) I like how (so far) the guild system has been tweaked to make everyone work together more. The dungeon guild bosses are interesting, still getting my butt whooped on them, but I figure at some point the guild will be able to handle them.

4) The famous grinding aspect and working really hard to achieve your goals aspect of Dream World has definitely carried over into this game. If you try and speed through this game, you are gonna get your butt handed to you at some point. Patience will be key (again) and you have to be ready to roll up those sleeves and get to work. Even if a big spender throws down major gems on a big time weapon in the black market, you still need those levels to be able to equip them, and there are a ton of things you will also need that are all a part of the grind.

5) This game is what I always wondered what DW would be if you had more than just yourself and your pet going through the game. Some skills will work better with your play style, the same goes with certain characters and character classes. The fun is trying to figure out what works for you, and that is currently where I am at right now.

This game makes me happy and sad at the same time. I feel like I have a game that will keep me occupied for a long time, especially the more long time DW players we can get to give this game a try. There are many positives about this game, that makes me happy. The part that makes me sad is that THIS is the major update that I wish Dreamworld could have been given. I do hope some of the magic of Return to Asgard is passed on to Dreamworld, but if that is not the case (off topic note: Will we get another update for Dreamworld?) then I do think I found the game that will "grab the torch" from Dream World.

If you loved or still love Dreamworld, then this game will be for you. Look me up in the game, of course I am Fieryshoe, and yes, there is a Vis Veres guild in Return to Asgard. See you there, if you are curious enough to give the game a try!
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