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Postby coinsey » Thu Dec 13, 2018 4:48 am

These message posts are so old, dates back to 2009 maybe even older.
I dont see a whole lot of new posts.
Anyway off topic.

Im looking to add as many dreamworld friends as possible,
my nick is dragon slayer
my fb name is grant tedford
If you want to be friends add me please.
We can send each other crystals.
And if your wanting to join a guild, or do a merger im up for that too.
My current Guild name is JHF
Just Having Fun
Lets start to have some.

I use to take this game WAY to serious, and forgot how to have fun, but thats the old me, hehe People Do Change Im ready to have some fun now are you ???
Santa's on the way and so if the dreamworld MS Santa cant wate.
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