Server Update 2/13/2013 - "Go to Hell" Pt1

Server Update 2/13/2013 - "Go to Hell" Pt1

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Update February 13, 2013

"Go to Hell" Part 1

The brave warriors of Dream World has kept Fallen under control at Hell Gate, but the only way to stop the chaos of the unleashed hell is close Hell Gate. The magical switch that can close the gate lies in the depth of Hell itself.

* "Hell"o World
** Enter "Hell" from Isendel for level 92-100 players
** First 3 levels of Hell now open.
** Guilds must defeat current level before entering the next, after defeating 3rd level, 1st level is available again.
** Fight 400 mobs before fighting boss. Can run/explore from the boss like other areas of Isendel.
** Unlike other raids, there is no training wheel or guard rail. Level 92s fighting in "Hell 3" will face mobs 8 levels higher and boss 10 levels higher.
** Boss reward for members dealing 10% is pre-enhanced Drow items, Dream World items, and Positron items respectively.
** Guild is rewarded 25 fame and 4 Mystic Stones on completion of each level.
** Girl in Red only give quests to defeat Gambler/Wiseman in Hell due to moving levels.

* 5 New Hardcore Badges
** Atlantis Badge: deal 500m damage to Poseidon
** Behemoth Badge: defeat 100 "Hell 1" boss with 10%+ damage
** Deumos Badge: defeat 100 "Hell 2" boss with 10%+ damage
** Mormo Badge: defeat 100 "Hell 3" boss with 10%+ damage
** Badge Master Badge: collect 39 or more badges (=5 max energy, no refill)

* New Side Quests
** "Disturbing Water" - Available at level 88 from Oceana armor dealer, Mr. Whale.
** "Atonement for Hell" - Available at level 92 from Oceana weapon dealer, Mr. Shark.

* New Possessed Boss
** Added a super-powerful 10th possessed boss: "Demon Dragon".
** Increased second special attack of 9th possessed boss (Demon Jawba) so it's stronger than the first.
** Possessed bosses' armor value no longer jumps up when player levels from 99 to 100.

* Guild Storage Extension
** In addition to base slots given to guilds based on member size, guilds can purchase up to 50 more slots.
** Each guild slots cost 24 Gems. Only level 70+ players may extend guild vault.
** Free energy refill and LP bonus is given to the purchaser.
** Purchased guild slots are not transferred during merges.

* Atlantis Improvements
** Increased Poseidon's exp in Atlantis by 20%
** Players no longer need obtain a weapon right below the extended level to take advantage of the extended upgrade chance.

* Class Balancing
** Removed PvE Battle Fatigue (still applies to PvP)
** Fixed a bug where sword's invasion block bonus wasn't properly removed
** Sword and skill damages raised between 10-30% (depending on skill)
** gun skill damage raised between 10-35% (depending on skill)

* Drop Improvements
** Keys no longer dropped in chests for level 71+ who completed the Demon Gates badges
** Genius will no longer drop for level 100 players, Heroic chance doubled instead.
** Orc ring no longer drops for Positron Ring owners

* Game Improvement & Bug Fixes:
** Increased maximum extended bank storage by 10 slots.
** Black market now may sell some pre-enhanced items; ring and base item buy now price lowered.
** Added a Black Market button to Isendel
** Added Max Explore option for auto exploring
** Drow Mine's extended drop chance for top place doubled to 20%
** Guild information pane rearranged for better readability.
** Misc bug fixes
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