ToS breaches

Re: ToS breaches

Postby Arctica » Sun Oct 26, 2014 11:04 am

Problem is, ttn never complained with I was in TTs and took down HN's mystic so ttn could build in which most of TTs at the time was actually ttn alts maybe minus 5/10 people out of a 30/40 person guild, this has only been brought to there attention out of spite when they could have done it wayyyyyyyyyy before, but chose not to.

So when the friendship went tits up then it became a lot more about point scoring and trying to rid Dream World of people a few don't like. Plus if a guild made of alts takes down another guilds mystic it benefits everyone in the game not just one guild, seeing as it will push closer to build phase again which is if you build extra exp plus that of what you got as a personal bonus, plus it also allows the lower guilds more chances to build.

Plus with the lack of people actually alts makes the game look a lot more active, and I'm guessing probably a good 70%+ of the top ranked people actually have alts to play as it does get boring after awhile anyway.

As for having the Devs watch you, I know the feeling, how many times when I leveled and gained stats etc... quicker then most people did I get accused of cheating, even wayyyyy back when I got base (minus con) at level 4 there were people who thought I had abused some sort of glitch, or my getting from lvl 99 to 100 in 3 weeks and 3 days, fact on that, which is a different topic mind you, is if you focus and play enough almost anything is possible on dream world ;)
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Re: ToS breaches

Postby Feochadan » Sun Oct 26, 2014 11:47 am

In *my* case, I was in HN for years as the GM's right hand GO. In fact, when said GM had a melt down and completely LEFT the guild with no instruction and me as GM, I held the position for him and gave it right back without getting any thanks or reason at all. I was on ttn chat and learned most all I know from Tracey, David and Paul and others in the guilds. So, ttn and HN decided to put all of their alts in a single guild lead by one GM and one GO's alt from both guild. They called it a training guild and wanted people to help noobs. I didn't even THINK or know to think of the alt aspect of this. So, I dusted off the alt I hadn't used since I was a noob and quickly leveled her (using money as that was the only way to do so to get her to where they needed her to be of use). I did not WANT to do this. One player was plenty for me. BUT since that is what the team I was on wanted, I did it. I ended up doing most of the work in TTs so that after the part that Actica referred to, David Brewer put my alt in as GM of Tiny Titans and said (at that time) that it was because I had put the most into it and deserved it. I believed in the concept of a true training guild by then so when all the HN and ttn alts left, I continued running it as a training guild (NOT an alt guild) but by my alt. Surprisingly, after they all left, TTs flourished and there were so many people we needed more space. JLH then kindly provided us with an unused guild, The Shire. It is a training guild for mid-level people (oh and I had to create another d@mn alt to run the guild and still give them good advice - which costed yet more frigging money). They are doing well. Neither TTs nor TSH are fighting guilds. They are training guilds with the people striving to move into top 10 guilds in time. YES money was used to build these characters out of a lack of choices but that is MY BUSINESS.

In this last exchange, the devs didn't flip flop - as the question was about using alts to help out the main. My alts strictly run training guilds who might try to get second in invasion or hit Mystics once for quest. They are NOT fighting guilds. And then, of course, the aspect of money was brought up. In my personal case, I didn't have a choice because of what I was lead into by my GM of the time.

SO, that is how I got sucked into the alt thing and then have now been being ganged up on and continually abused by the group I learned the most from, just from doing everything I learned from them. Well, I am VERY quickly relearning. My heart goes out to anybody else who has had the misfortune to be sucked in like this and then continually watched and attacked and have people trying to ban you.

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Re: ToS breaches

Postby CMat66 » Thu Oct 30, 2014 3:58 pm

OK Feo, this is NOT a personal attack on you. I don't care that Maria is the one who brought this to the Dev attention, you and your Alt attacked MY guilds mystic. So, Maria really has nothing to do with this. Get over it

As for the money, I really don't care how much you or anyone spends on this game. My point was that money seems to be a determining factor for the Devs when meting out punishment.

Yes, you poor thing. Everyone seems to be attacking you on this board. Why? I think it has something to do with you, and others, taking what seems black-and-white portions of the ToS and seeing how far you can push while claiming innocence. Really can't care less that it's a "training" guild. In my opinion, it was a breach of ToS. BUT, the Devs see it as more of a "grey" area. To which I say, "whatever".

I have never nor will I ever come close to anything that resembles a breach as I only have 1 character and play well within the rules. You, and others, continually and willingly wander into that grey area. You are one of 3 or 4 which continually snipe at one another on this board. Frankly, the rest of DW players are sick of it and don't come to this forum or Global chat for that reason. You few ruin this game for the rest of us. I and others believe it was one of you few who had the Devs watching me and the rest of my guild. THAT was a personal attack. Nothing can be proved and the Devs ill not release a name as to protect the so called "innocent".

I almost quit this game because of the crap you few rain upon this game. That decision would only affect my guildies, so I will stay around. However, this will be the last time I am on this forum just so I don't have to see or deal with this Junior High School drama. I know the Devs will only act when it affects their bottom line (i.e. Scripting), so will not bother with bringing potential breached of the ToS to their attention. We all know they will do nothing, so why be troubled with it
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Re: ToS breaches

Postby Arctica » Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:15 pm

Dunno, why I'm posting here but CMat66 did you seem to miss my post at the top? Everything which Tracey has stated with Feo TTs ((when under ttn control) full of ttn alts and a HN alt) have done exactly the same, even to the point of asking TTs which was the alt guild to take out the remaining guilds mystics and others, I should know I was in TTs at that time and I was the one who done that so the alt guild of ttn actually helped ttn win mystics, which also had ttn alts hit the mystics as well, therefore all that Tracey had stated in this post TTs has already been there and done it, but then I guess it wasn't any breach of the ToS cause everyone was friends then. :roll:

EDIT: Also who ever said earlier what purpose of alts is but to gain an advantage please tell me what advantage did my main gain from my 3 alts?

Alt !: Used over an xmas event to see if I could get 50/20/32/32/32 at level 1 from the ms. santa.
Alt 2: I was bored so redone the original quest of DreamWorld (because I forgot alt 1's password)
Alt 3: Used under the new free e refills for new people, to write a complete and up-to-date guide from Xlenga's ((later removed due to peoples immaturity on DreamWorld) again forgot alt 1 & 2's passwords from not using them)

From what I see from my 3 alts they all actually hindered the progress of my main alt, especially the 1st as I took days out of not playing my main to help other people to play the game without messing up so badly that after they completed the main quest they would quit from not being able to kill anything :roll:
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Re: ToS breaches

Postby Pasquale » Tue Nov 04, 2014 4:27 pm

Hey this post brings back memories of the old forums buncha weitarded drama ;)
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Re: ToS breaches

Postby Arctica » Tue Nov 04, 2014 6:03 pm

Pas, go kill Lucifer and get your armor already :P
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Re: ToS breaches

Postby Maria » Wed Nov 05, 2014 5:23 am

no idea while I'm posting here either but i'd like to correct one point. Once Feo was in TTs, we lost control over that training guild. we gave it over to her to carry it on. TTs is nothing to do with ttn, and has had little to do with us since Feo took over it.

BTW - why is this still going on? I simply asked the devs for clarification and they replied. Please do not hijack threads!

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