Server Update 01/22/2010 - 9/15/2011

Server Update 01/22/2010 - 9/15/2011

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Since it's impossible to track down all the update posts from the Facebook Discussion board for the time period that this forum has been inactive. Follow updates are copied from aggregated update thread of another version of the game. Some updates may not applied to Facebook version and some might be omitted:

Updates & News 1/22:
- Server is now running smoothly since the patch on 1/18.
- Referrals to yourself or accounts using same IP will no longer count (sorry, blame the cheaters).
- Most of bugs reported has been fixed.
- Upgraded the “Aim” skill to also reduce block chance in PvP.

Coming soon:
- Guild System (estimate: few days)
- High-level Expansion (estimate: few weeks)

Update 1/25:
- Trivia Questions: Questions will now include a hint that display the first letter of every words, this should help solving some cases there are more acceptable answers than the system recorded.
- We lowered the gem cost for guardians offers by a little as a experimental sale. The reduction could become permanent if usage increases.

Coming soon:
- Guild System – you will be able to share inventory with guild members, have a discussion, build up your guild to earn hp/sp bonuses, and declare war on other guilds. (estimate: by end of the week).
- High-level Expansion (estimate: by end of February)

Update 1/29:
- Guild System part 1 has been patched in.

Coming soon:
- Guild System part 2 – Diplomacy (estimate: mid next week)
- High-level Expansion (estimate end of February)

Guild System Part 2:
- Added Guild Diplomacy Tab
- Added vault log for Guild Masters (next to improvments tab)
- Enable Guild Masters to post the guild message to all player’s home tab.
- Enable Guild Masters to send messages to guild members and other Guild Masters’s home tab
- Enable guild members to send message to their Guild Master’s home tab

Update Feb 4, 2010
- Guild Wall added (replaces vault log)
- GM can selective delete entries from wall or clear it
- Each player can only take out 1 item from the Guild Vault per hour
- GM for each guild is now clearly labeled
- You can no longer attack your own guild members
- Well/Mushroom grants 1 more energy when rewarded

Update Feb 6, 2010:
- Added minimum coin reward for PvP in case opponent has 0 coins on hand
- Beggar energy reward also increased by 1
- Players restarting with less than 20 gems and no premiums will now be restored to 20
- Fixed guild diplomacy when related guild is disbanded

Updates Feb 8, 2010:
- Guild size has been increased to 30
- You can no longer visit the guild vault during combat
- Fix some rare case issues guild messages and description
- Eligible members of War/Hostile guilds will show up more often in Arena if they are online
- Miscellaneous minor fixes relating to the guild system

Updates Feb 12, 2010:
- Enchanted mage weapons’ skill damage bonus will also be applied in Arena battles.
- Scoped weapons will also automatically reduce opponent’s block chance by 10% (both in Arena and Elite mobs, stacks with Aim’s reduction)
- The “guard” skill will have its own separate die roll to determine block, instead of additively stacking on top of all other block effects.
- Melee damage dealt by all players in Arena will be boosted by ~10%

- Running from an arena battle forfeits the battle (no guild penalty, but cannot attack again)
- Guild vault will no longer be accessible while you are in the dungeons/combat-zones
- Guild leaders can now transfer guild to member (via profile screen)
- Enrage mobs will have name changed on screen once enraged
- Various minor bug fixes

Updates Feb 16, 2010:
- PvP coin reward is now always a fix amount based on level
- New guild level added
- The two dragon side-quests should be able to proceed at same time.
- Increased availability of inactive players in arena
- White Dragon’s middle skill is now a block skill
- Minor bug fixes/tweaks

Updates Feb 22, 2010:
- Increased Arena target list size to 16
- Selling items should also count as making space for dropped items
- Increased healer’s cost for con/str for higher levels
- Healer’s constitution augmentation capped to 120
- Minor fixes to quest text

Coming soon next week:
- The high level raid expansion (Demon Gates)
- Contains new raid areas accessed by using rare key drops
- Entire guild can participle raid when a guild member unlocks an instance
- New high level items that will only drop inside the instances

Updates March 06, 2010:
- Demon Gates expansion released. For those that can access the gates, please make sure you read the help file linked from the “?” next to the “Demon Gates” sign first.

Updates March 17, 2010:
- Added experience rewards on Gate Reward screen based on damage dealt
- Increased experience reward for all level 40+ areas (the higher the greater increase)
- Demons will now provide more xp if your level is higher than them
- Added confirm dialog for clearing messages if they contain a gate claim link
- Added active player bonus that boosts ally happiness/xp after the daily chest
- Increased vault checkout timer to 4 hours window to mitigate vault looters
- Added “sell” option for guild masters to convert vault items into improvements

Updates March 25, 2010:
- Cap of Wisdom now adds 15% exp (increased from 10%)
- Arena list will color-code opponent’s guild initial based on diplomacy
- Added the final guild rank
- Added “depose” option next to Guild Masters that has been inactive for more than 2 weeks – any guild member can use this button to promote the active member with the highest level/experience to the Guild Master position.

- Lowered last guild level’s improvement goal
- Slightly increased experience reward for level 35+
- Limited maximum referral bonus count to 10 to prevent collaborated abuse
- Performance and security enhancements

Coming soon:
- The next “major” update will happen around end of this month. There will be new items and features.

- All ally’s damage/healing power has increased by 20%
- Banker Guild 20% off sale (now 36 gems for limited time)
- Cap of Wisdom now offer 20% bonus fight experience
- You can now only buy constitution up to higher of 20 or 3 * your level, but not exceeding the previous 120 limit
- To be consistent will how item reward is calculated, gates will no longer add additional damages dealt to the boss after the first person has defeated the boss.

Updates April 29, 2010
- Added Treasure Map encounter type, which drops items, coins, or enhance potions
- Added Enhance Potion which enhances weapon and armor with certain success rate
- Enhance potion and name changes can be bought as a guardian offering for level 10+
- Demons inside demon gates has a small chance to drop “orbs” for level 54+ players
- Open demon gates with “orbs” will summon much stronger demons and demon boss
- New item “greater demon” items will drop after defeating “orb” summoned demon boss

Updates May 09, 2010
- increased exp reward for levels 26-55 to reduce grind
- doubled amount of free coin reward in daily chests
- increased exp bonus for cap of wisdom and banker’s guild
- minor bug fixes

Updates May 21, 2010
- You can “power finish” your opponent by dropping their hp to below -25% to earn double experience
- Enraged mob should now reward 50% more experience
- Added completed % indicator for main quests and side quests

Next update will be near the end of this month. It will include new accessory items, new side-quests, and new allies.

Updates May 25, 2010
- 5 new side-quests has been added
- the new side-quests will reward accessory items on completion
- the new accessory slot will be displayed once an accessory is equipped
- most of the side-quests (new and existing) are now repeatable
- new guardian offering to reset combat skills for level 10+
- two powerful new premium allies (Angel Wings & Demon Wings) added
- Demon Wings will be rewarded to the orb gate owner on completion if they don’t own it (in addition to normal rewards)

Updates May 31, 2010
- Fixed attack ring’s bonus (it was overpowered against high armor opponents)
- Fixed certain exploits
- Testing new status bar color scheme (may revert/change in couple days)

Updates June 2, 2010
- Added “commas” formatting in various places.
- Removed gems/coins count from inventory/bank screens and added gem count to status bar for easier tracking.

Update June 3, 2010
- Added “commas” to explore, battle result, and shops.

Updates June 14, 2010
- increased (doubled) item drop rate inside gates
- increased normal demon experience for level 56+
- guild vault space is now limited by total guild members (to encourage bigger guilds)
- gates will start with 20 demons for players without guilds, and between 20-90 for guilds with size less than 10 (to make gates faster for them. However, they will see less items/orb dropped per gate)

The next major update is currently planned for July. Exact date or content is not determined yet, but
it should have a new area and other contents.

Updates June 17, 2010
- further increased normal demon experience for level 56+
- guild members can see whether members of their own guild is “online” (can be afk)
- certain melee characters (sword skill or gun skill higher than magic) will see a boost in max skill points
- gun classes (including dual classes) will receive higher crit chance on defense based on dexterity

Updates June 26, 2010
- Guardian guilds maximum size increased to 40 (as an extra bonus, all other guild remains same)
- Added filters to Guild Wall for vault actions or member messages
- Force resign timer for inactive GM is now set to 7 days
- Capped maximum applicants by “space + 2” to limit number of players applying to full/almost-full guilds. (eg. full guilds
can have only have 2 applicants, guild with 1 space can have 3, guild with 18+ spaces can have 20)
- Game will no longer suggest level 54+ to train in lakeview

Updates June 27, 2010
- Demon boss’s HP will increase 10% for each member over 30 (up to 100% increase, guardian guilds only)
- Re-enabled “leaving guild” feature, but there will be a 24 hour timer before you can apply to a new guild if you choose to leave.

Updates July 20, 2010

- New Alien Portal expansion area released
- New set of weapons and armors, level 64-68
- Players level 56+ who posses a demon ring can open the portal once per day for free (sacrifice 2 con, keeps ring)
- All guild members level 56+ can access the area once the portal is opened (although it may be difficult for players below level 60)
- The area will automatically close after certain amount of time (with no rewards) or if the boss is defeated
- New monsters, level 61-65 elites or super elites (depends on player level)
- New boss, 25mil hp (up to 50mil for guardian guilds), level 68
- Demon experience and coin reward is now based on players level (now equal to purple mobs’, which should increase demon xp for most players and significantly increase coin rewards for everyone)
- You now gain bonus daily experience reward just for playing (just like daily coins)
- Special promotion on premium allies and banker’s guild (free instant energy/sp refills)

Updates July 22, 2010

- Portal bosses’ exp reward per damage increased to 5000
- Portal bosses’ coins reward per damage for non-item winners increased to 100
- Aliens have a chance to drop enhance potions (same chance as demons dropping items)
- Alien equipment increased 32-40 in damage, 4 in protection (will need to re-equip to update your attack/defense), and 20% in value
- Minor bug fixes and tweaks

As any game mechanic changes, there will be no adjustments/credits given to the players who defeated portals before these changes.

Updates August 20, 2010

- The items rewarded from Alien Portal will be pre-enhanced if defeated in less than 12 hours, enhance level depends on defeat time.
- Experience requirement reduced for all levels, which will cause most players experience bar to jump.
- New guild level above Guardian added. Bonuses are 30% exp, 200 sp, and 20% more health when defending in arena.
- Added a new Guild Officer (GO) position that the GM can appoint, who will be able to sell vault items, manage guild wall, accept/decline applicants, and kick regular members, and will become GM if old is deposed due to inactivity.
- Guilds profile page will display number of gates and portal the guild has defeated. Guild fame is increased by 1 for each gate defeated (key or orb), 2 for each portal defeated.
- Gate portal links from homepage are removed if you already claimed the reward.
- Class balance tweaks:
- – melee damage may slightly increased for higher levels (due to tweaks to modifiers to be similar to magic skills)
- – ranger classes were given small innate block rates (not listed in class screen, this was released with Alien Portal update)
- Minor bug fixes.

Updates August 24, 2010

- Changes to fame calculation: Per players’ suggestions (credit goes to Vanguard), only gates and portal opened and completed in the past 2 weeks are now counted toward the fame (past ones removed on daily basis). Also, per popular recommendation, recent portals are now worth 3 fame.
- The recent and total portal/gate count moved to Guild Info section.
- Making Arena fights worthwhile for higher levels : Arena fights for level 42+ will now reward more experience and each attack will do slightly more damage (to shorten fights). Amount increased is greater at higher levels.

Updates September 2, 2010

- Added hotkeys (experimental):
- -‘a’ for attack
- -‘s’ to start skill power meter and second time to stop and use the skill (must select skill first)
- -1-5 to use/equip the item in the inventory slot (only works in shops/battle screens)
- Added “show-gates” link on the home screen if there are previously claimed gate links hidden (note: ‘clear’ will still remove them even when they are hidden)

Updates September 10, 2010
- additional hotkeys for skills/inventory/quests/guild/close added. (may need to refresh screen to pickup the changes). Full hotkey list below:
‘a’ – for attack
‘s’ – to start skill power meter and second time to stop and use the skill (must select skill first)
1-5 – to use/equip the item in the inventory slot (should also work in inventory screen now)
‘n’ – open inventory screen
‘g’ – open guild screen
‘v’ – open quest screen
‘qwertyuiop[]’ – select one of the skills in the skill table

The next major new content/feature update is currently planned for early next month. (It will include couple
new modes of play, more details will be announced later this month)

Updates September 24, 2010
- Daily chests will have 1 in 5 chance to drop new item “Mystery Box” (worth 5 gems) instead of coins.
- Added “Mystery Box” item that can contain various items based on the player’s level. (drops from Daily chests and purchasable from guardian)
- Updated the special promotion to include 20 LP bonus.

The next major update (early next month) will include following:
- Invasion Mode: Aliens will try to invade the cities each week. High level players in guilds can help fight off the invasion. For each city, the guild that deals the most damage will be honored as the protector for one week and receive certain bonuses.
- New high level item sets and boss will be included with the invasion mode.
- Practice Mode: High level players will be able to challenge town leaders to receive higher experience/coin reward. The rewarded and difficulty will be higher than demons / aliens of same level.

Updates October 4, 2010 (Major Update)
- New practice mode: You can challenge city leaders for experience, available to players 51+

- New invasion mode: Fight against alien invasions, available to players 56+ in guilds
* Each player first defeats 1-3 aliens, then faces an undefeatable boss which has an instant kill attack.
* The damage dealt to boss is summed up by guild. At end of each invasion, the guild with highest damage wins.
* Players receives +200 sp and +20% exp bonus for a week for each city their guild won.
* Guilds that did not win any city gets +100 sp and +10% exp bonus for the week if they placed 2nd or 3rd in any city.
* Invasions will usually start 24 hours from the end of last one and lasts 6 days.
* Note: Boss damages after invasion timer ends does not count. Boss will not appear in last 2 minutes.

- Added new alien equipment set (including a new ring). They drop rarely from elite aliens in the invasion mode.

- Players level 56+ kicked from guild are now also subjected to 24 hour reapply limit. Also, applicants level 56+ cannot be accepted during final 24 hours of invasion.

- Balancing changes:
* gun/sword critical attacks are now deals 2x damage instead of 1.5
* intelligence now adds more sp for gun/sword skill levels (many players will see a increase in their maximum sp)
* reduced price for healing potion, increased fairy dust price for higher levels
* base strength can be augmented to 50 at the healer now

- Partial levels:
* Level 51+ player’s combat level modifiers will slightly increase for every 10% progress toward next level.
* Partial levels will be displayed on the status bar.

- Gates & Portal changes:
* Regular demons and aliens inside Gates and Portals slightly are now easier for lower levels.
* Using gems to open portals cost reduced to 6, level 62+ in portal may get regular alien item drops.

- Increased ally damage/heal output against higher level monsters and bosses.

Updates October 10, 2010

- Added an “Offensive Fame” experience/sp bonus, so guilds who does not have a shot winning a spot in the invasion mode can also earn bonuses.
* Reward is based number of gates and portals defeated from past 14 days, and shown as the “recent” count in the guild screen.
* Gates and portals expired the 14 day period are removed every 24 hrs from previous server restart. (same as the fame added guild for gates and portals)
* The formula for this offensive fame is (gates + 3 * portals), reward based on char below.
Offensive Fame: bonuses
1-9: 3% 20sp
10-49: 5% 50sp
50-99: 7% 80sp
100-239: 10% 120sp
240-399: 15% 150sp
400+: 20% 200sp
* This bonus is effective immediately.

- A maximum bonus cap will be placed starting on 10/17 when the bonus is given for the 2nd invasion.
* The maximum bonus added from Invasion + Offensive Fame will be capped at 40% Exp & 400 SP
* This cap allows the top guilds to either try to win two cities, or do half and half
* The cap is not placed on 1st invasion’s reward as it began prior to the knowledge of this cap
* Yes, this still favors the top guild as they deserve it. A 40% bonus gap isn’t much since each level takes ~40% longer to finish than the previous.
* The capped amount + the guild’s status bonus is the total bonus, now added to the guild screen

- Invasion mode battle changes.
* Omega beam attack will always and only happen on & after the 10th turn instead of being random if the battle lasts that long.
* Delta ray damage will be less level dependent, making it harder to survive for lower level players.
* Fixed a bug in the partial level system that was making players whose experience % is closer to the next level do more damage and receive less damage from the mothership than others (eg: 70.9 was doing better than 70.0 and 71.0).

Updates October 25, 2010

Following changes will be made to week 4’s invasion bonus (which will take effect 10/31 when week 4 ends).

- There will be 3 different tiers of “first place” bonuses for each town.

Top Void guild will receive 20% Exp and 200SP bonus per city won
Top Guardian guild will receive 15% Exp and 150SP bonus per city won
Top Diamond (and below) guild will receive 10% Exp and 100SP per city won
There will be no 2nd/3rd place bonuses.

- The 40%/400SP bonus cap on invasion + offensive bonus will be removed.

A new cap might be added back for week 5’s bonus if deemed necessary.

- Gate and portal boss HP will no longer increase for guilds with more than 30 members. (restored by popular demand)

Updates November 1, 2010
- Week 5’s invasion bonus (the week starting today) will be capped to maximum of 2 cities per guild, effective when week 5 ends.
- Guardian guilds’ bonus increased by 100 SP, Void guilds’ bonus increased by 100 SP and 5% Exp, effective immediately.

Updates November 25, 2010

- Weapons and armors dropped from elite aliens (level 68+) may be pre-enhanced if they were power-finished.
- Mist potions are now used instantly if your energy is below your maximum. (otherwise it still says “buy”)
- The last fight in “The Challenge” quest now costs 1 energy to avoid high level exploits.

- Extra achievement bonus added to invasion mode to reward guilds didn’t win any towns, or dealt significantly more damage to towns for the guild level, explained below: (this takes effective immediately)

If guild won any town:
Void Extra Exp Bonus = (damage in town won – 800M) / 50M, up to 5% per town won
Guardian Extra Exp Bonus = (damage in town won – 500M) / 50M, up to 5% per town won
Diamond(and below) Extra Exp Bonus = (damage in town won – 200M) / 50M, up to 5% per town won
If guild didn’t win any town but dealt over 25Mil damage in a town:
Extra Exp Bonus = Highest damage dealt / 25Mil, up to 10% bonus. (note, only in higest town, no stacking)

Example 1 – if a Void guild dealt 1100M damage in one town they won, and 960M in the other town they won, and 870M damage in a town they didn’t win. Then they get 5% extra exp bonus for 1st town, 3% extra exp bonus for the second town, and 0% for the third
Example 2 – if a guild didn’t win any city, but dealt 210M in one town and 160M damage in the other, then they get 8% extra exp bonus for the town they dealt 210M damage.

For all guilds earning Extra Invasion Exp bonus, they will also earn Extra Invasion SP Bonus = Exp % * 10. The extra bonus are added to regular invasion bonus and applied for 1 week once the invasion is over.

There will be another update coming soon that includes special Christmas encounters and limited time items. In the meantime, the upcoming invasion that starts on December 13 will be a special uncapped week (achievement bonus still applies).

Updates December 21, 2010

New “Auto-explore” Feature.
Found in the dungeon map screen.
Yields decent experience and few coins, but no treasures/puzzles/quest.
Intended to allow players to spend energy faster, especially if they are in a hurry.
Added limited time “Santa” explore event
Gives free Mystery Box.
Can be attacked to gain a Mystery Box.
Added “Magic Elf” random explore event.
Sells enhance potions for coins or reduced gems.
Can be attacked to for small chance of getting enhance pot.
Added new “Crystal Items” (armor/weapons/ring) that drops from Myster Box for level 66+ (Note: they are rare)
Mystery box improvements:
Armors/weapons found may be up to 2 levels above player’s level
Added small chance of rewarding greater alien items for level 66+
Guardian improvements:
Will now drop Mystery Box for level 56+ when defeated.
Experience reward increased.
Dust Merchant improvements:
Now sells dust for a fix price (lower than healers) instead half of coins on hand.
Fake dust chance reduced.
Cloaks can now be removed (no gems refunded).

Updates January 1, 2011

Added new “Revenge” feature which gives players (level 10+) one chance to retaliate against attackers under following conditions:
You have lost against the attacker and it was within past 48 hours.
The attack is not an revenge attack.
Attacker does not have Invisible Cloak.

Added new Elf Princess Premium Ally available to level 40+ players.
Special “weaken” skill that does damage cause opponent take 10% more damage from future attack each time weaken hits, stackable 3 times.

Added “Alien Lord” Premium Ally available to level 40+ players.
Special “copy” skill which gives him 50% chance of performing same attack skill as you, damage equals to the greater of 25% damage of your damage or 3X of ally’s basic attack damage.
Have a very rare chance joining you for free after fighting alien mothership.

Added special Boost Items available to level 30+ players.
Note these item give great boosts but are temporary and will disappear when time period ends.

Slightly boosted existing Premium Allies abilities and slightly reduced the cost.

Skill Capsule now increase maximum skill points by 50 instead of 40.

Critical Hit Changes:
Magic critical attacks on Alien Mothership also does 2X damage
Fixed a bug where some players on defense are getting less critical hits then they should.
If a players critical chance is over 100%, they will do slightly more damage based on critical chance (extra bonus is capped). This change will bring back some benefit for scoped guns and startshooter class for top gun users.
Ranger classes critical bonus will now only apply when using guns. Bonus slightly increased.

Block Changes:
Players with Strength over 18 will gain slightly higher weapon block rate. (amount is capped at 10% and is nonlinearly based on stat).
Sword weapons will gain 5% extra weapon block chance against Alien Mothership.
Sword classes block bonus will now only apply when using swords. Bonus slightly increased.

Added “Abandon” Gates option.
Gates opened by individual without a guild may now be abandoned after 3 days.

Increased reward for practice mode (fight against town leaders after completing “The Challenge”)

Increased reward for defeating the wiseman and the gambler.

Auto-explore will now also increase also reward experience to allies.

Minor bug fixes.

The next major content expansion (new area, higher level classes) is in planning phase and will tentatively be released in 4-6 weeks.

- Happy New Year to all Dream World Players!

Update January 2nd, 2011

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a potential bug where in a very rare cases a player might see a minor rollback if they login the game when they are being revenged.
Fixed Dual Classes (Champion/Warlord/Conqueror) bonuses so they really do work with all weapons.
Fixed Gun Classes (Ranger/Marksman/Deadeye/Starshooter) innate block bonus (2%/3%/4%/5%) to work with guns.
Capped maximum coin reward in the invasion to twice of mist potion cost.

Holiday Super Bonus Event is extended an extra day to end of day January 3 (PST).

Update February 9, 2011

“Isendel Expansion”

4 new explorable areas on the new island is Isendel.
Level 66+ guild members may travel to the island for some energy and coins.
Players with crystal ring can summon crystal ship to waive coin fee and reduce energy cost.
20 New monsters level 66-85, 5 per area. Monsters in area more than 2 levels higher than you do not appear.
Mobs are at fixed level, so they become weaker as you level up.
All previous random encounters (puzzles, chests, well, mushroom, imp, etc.) may appear.
Bosses appears automatically after defeating certain number of monsters in the area, when rage reach 100%.
Rage increase can be expedited by 25% when player throws 1 billion conis in to wishing well, or set to 100% when by paying the imp.

4 new super powerful bosses, level 73,78,83,88.
Designed for guild to defeat and not designed to be solo’ed.
Defeating these boss yeilds 6,8,10,12 offensive fame respectively.
Boss damage increase significantly for each level you are below them, expect to be one-shot.
Only top 5 players who dealt 10% or more damage will receive item reward.

New weapons/armor sets, new ring.
Two new sets of weapons and armor. (greater crystal and xyphite)
New weapons and armors are only rewarded by defeating 2nd, 3rd, and 4th boss on isendel.
One new ring, obtainable by completing the side-quest available from Emerald Princess.

4 New ultimate character classes.
Gives bigger bonuses and unlock ultimate class skills.
“Devil Slayer”, ultimate sword class, +25 energy, +100sp, +20% sword block.
“Big Shot”, ultimate gun class, +25 energy, +100sp, +24% gun critical.
“Divine Staff”, ultimate magic class, +25 energy, +200sp, +24% magic damage.
“Jester”, ultimate multiclass, +25 energy, +10% block, +12% critical, +12% magic damage.

4 New class specific ultimate skills.
Level 60, must use appropiate class and weapon to be available.
Banish Dance: Devil Slayer sword skill, high damage +15% block against post-game bosses (separate die roll)
Big bang: Big Shot gun skill, high damage +15% critical against post-game bosses (overcrit damage outside of cap).
Divine Light: Divine Staff magic skill, high damage +20% absorb (shield) against post-game bosses.
Call Bunnies: Jester all-weapon skill, high damage + 5% weaken (stacks with ally) + 5% guard +5% critical against post-game bosses.

New Crystal System
Collect crystals by playing daily and opening chests.
Trade in set of 5 crystals for reward. (trade as soon as you get a fullset)
Blue crystals trades in for 10 energy
Green crystals trades in for 30 energy
Red crystals helps you refill Skill points.
Yellow crystals trades for 20 Learnign points.
Pink crystals trades in for 6 gems, white trades in for 20
White crystals drops very rarely but can drop from Mystery Boxes.

Class balances
Magic skill critical damage increase from 50% to 80%, level multiplier cap set to 90.
When over 100% crit, weapon and class critical bonuses is not limited damage bonus cap.
Strength block bonus cap raised to 15% but is now linear (1% block for every 18 str).
How block works: The first die roll is weapon + charm. The new maximum block for the first die roll is now 80% (5% default + 15% strength bonus + 20% class bonus + 20% guardian weapon + 20% charm bonus), or 85% against mothership invasion block bonus. If not blocked, the skill bonus die roll (guard or banish dance) and ally block die roll is processed.

Mystery Box upgrades
1 Day boosts to be added as rare drop.
Strength pills to be added as a drop.
Crystal ring chance increased, but still very rare.
Chances of level 57 “low” level items reduced for high level players.
When coins found, amount increased by 60%.

Guild bonus changes
Offensive fame bonus cap increased to 45%/450SP.
Offensive exp bonus for guilds with offensive fame: 1 + Floor(Sqrt(offensive fame)).
Offensive SP bonus for guild is offensive fame: 10 * offensive xp bonus.
Maximum offensive + city bonus capped increased to 70%/700SP.

Other improvements/changes
Ranking to display top 50 players instead of 20.
Strength/Constitution price reduction at healers.
Players now must have 40 constitution to use demon ring.
Add reset stats offering on guardian screen for players whose base stats are 20 more or points over normal threshold of 50/120/32/32/32.
(change name offering can still be found by going to guardian screen if navigated from “need more Gems” link on inventory screen).
7 day boosts cost reduced to 34 gems.
Explore hotkeys via space bar.

Update February 11, 2011

Minor patch to “Isendel Expansion” (please see above)

Increased exp per damage for Isendel bosses:
Zone 1: 10000
Zone 2: 15000
Zone 3: 20000
Zone 4: 30000

Increased exp and coin rewards for normal Isendel mobs.

Enhanced items from greater alien series or higher now gains 5 million sell value per enhance level, max sell value capped at 2.17B.

After reaching same level as Isendel zone2-zone4 bosses, damage received will reduce for each mini level, up to certain point where reduction won’t be as noticeable (different for each boss).

Class adjustments:
Big Bang critical bonus increased to 30%.
Divine staff magic bonus increased to 30%.
Magic spells normal critical damage was actually raised 80% of 75% of normal attack for non-mothership (fixed in update notes). Note this not same as over-critical damage bonus which is capped at extra 100% of normal damage for all attacks.

Update February 15, 2011 (patchless)

Players no longer need to be on Isendel when using the claim links to receive quest progress for the “Evil Queen” quest.
Elf ring bonus increased to from 18% to 20%.

Update February 20, 2011 (patchless)

Guild Offers can now change guild settings and broadcast guild messages.
Total gates and portals information is now displayed again for your own guild. (Isendel’s totals will not be displayed as they not tracked)
Changed broken “Back to Area Map” buttons found during Isendel exploration screens to an “Auto-Explore” button. (Auto explore area can also be reached by clicking on the “Isendel” sign on the island map)

Update March 1, 2011

- For players level 21+ whose energy is 2 or more less than maximum, a new “max” button will allow you buy maximum possible mist potions (based on current energy and coins on hand).
- Guild roster will now stay in level sorted order.
- Isendel mob and boss xp increased.
- Neocorn King now drops +10 greater alien instead of +8.
- Fixed Player fight (revenge) power bar issue on Isendel.
- Gates opened by player while in previous guild can now be abandoned after 3 days.
- Regeneration armor can now regenerate the lesser of 4 x level and 5% of maximum health. (was previously the lesser of 2 x level and 5% of maximum health)

March 21, 2011

Starting with upcoming invasion that will start soon (and effective when it ends), the hard 2 town limit cap will return in addition to the 70 invasion+offensive cap. In addition, the extra 5% bonus will also be capped to 2 cities so there is no benefit for winning the 3rd town. This is to prevent very strong guilds intentionally hiding in lower guild levels and destroying the competition in that level.

Update March 26, 2011

Staff Enhance Bonus – Each time a staff is successfully enhanced, it will also gain +0.4% increase to its spell damage bonus.
Players with above 100 Defense will be able to slightly reduce fixed armor penetration of Gate/Portal/Isendel bosses based on defense value.
Void guilds’ bonuses will increase by +1% Exp and +10SP for each 500Bil coins donated over the level requirement, up to +10% Exp and +100SP.
All bonuses will now affect rewards claimed from Gate/Portal/Isendel bosses. (Including Genius and future event bonuses)
Enhance Potion success rate will increase by 5% consecutive time they fail. Odds will reset to normal on first success.
Guild Auto Join (Beta)
GM/GO of a guild can enable “open admission” from the guild settings. (A few selected silver guilds have been automatically set to open admission)
Players who want to join a guild immediately can press the “Auto Join” button on the guild ranking list.
Auto-join finds all qualifying guilds (“open admission” enabled, level requirement met, 2+ members, 3+ space, active GM), and then randomly places player in one.
Minor Bug Fixes

Update April 21, 2011

Guild Masters can now appoint up to 3 Guild Officers in their guilds.
New Guild Settings “Vault Permissions” added. When turned on, non-officers first “request” an item from the vault an then receive the item on the home screen if an officer approves the request.
Players can now choose explore 3 times after encountering the Isendel Bosses instead of attacking the boss again.
Each staff enhance level adds 0.5% spell bonus instead of 0.4% (the increase will still be lower than sword/guns, but magic damage increase with level to make up for it)
Keys and orbs can now be sold for 50m/100m coins.
Auto explore experience now includes all experience bonuses.
Void guilds ranks will now be displayed differently for the upgraded ones.
Join/Leave messages are now automatically added to guild wall.
The total value you donated to and taken from guilds as well number of guilds you joined before will now be recorded (no retroactive tracking), GM/GO will be able to view this information (if available) when viewing members’/applicants’ profiles from the guild members list.
Players level 60+ who does not have the Alien Ring can get it for free by purchasing the 950 Kreds Package (new purchases only).
Players level 66+ who does not have the Crystal Ring can get it for free by purchasing the 1900 Kreds Package (new purchases only).
Easter event: a special encounter that gives free item similar to mystery box (ends 4/25)
Gem buy confirmation added elf/imp/1day-boosts
Alien ring will no longer drops for elf ring wielders.
Invasion Acheivement bonus cap increased for void/guardian guild to 20%/15% (effective now):
Void gulid didn’t win a town still gets 10% for first 250M, but can get up to 20% with 2250M (1% more each 200M over 250M)
Guardian guild didn’t win a town still gets 10% achievement fort 250M damage, but can get 15% with 1250M (1% more each 200M over 250M)
Invasion Extra 5% bonus will become harder to earn (effective for this invasion):
Void guild that won a town gets 20% + 5% extra with 4250M damage (1% more with each 400M over 2250M)
Guardian guild that won a town gets 15% + 5% extra with 2250M damage (1% more each 200M over 1250M)
Diamond- guild that won a town gets 10% + 5% extra with 750M damage (1% more each 100M over 250M)

Update May 31, 2011

“Hell Unleashed” Expansion

After being defeated numerous times, Queen Haderon decided it’s time to use the ultimate
dark spell – “Unleash Hell”. The Hell Gate opens as she summoned the dark prince and his
army of deadly sins to her aid. Will you be strong enough to face the Hell’s army?

Major Changes:

“Hell Gate” Area (lv 86-90)
New area on Isendel intended for level 86-90, but accessible to level 81+
To gain access, you first need to defeat Queen Haderon with 10%+ damage (20mil+)
The seven deadly sins will be between level 83 and 90 based on your level.
Defeat 100 mobs by yourself and the boss will attack you.
Boss is at level 93, players below level 88 might not survive the first special attack.
Boss is shared with every player but has 2 Billion HP, so it may take days to defeat depending number of 81+ players.
After 10 attacks, the boss will use an instant kill attack.
Each time you are defeated by the boss, rage meter drops 10% and when it reaches 0 you will need to defeat 100 more mobs.
When bosses is defeated, following are rewarded to users based on ranking and damage dealt:
* #1 = 30% bonus exp, lv 92 item
* #2 = 25% bonus exp, lv 91 item
* #3 = 20% bonus exp, lv 90 item
* #4 = 16% bonus exp, lv 89 item
* #5 = 12% bonus exp, lv 88 item
* #6+ = 1% bonus exp per 10m damage dealt, up to 10%
* Bonus exp will last until the next time the boss is defeated again
* Items are automatically sent to player’s home screen instead of claimed.
Everyone will be forced out of Hell Gate when boss is defeated and the Gate will closed for 1 hour. Players will need to defeat Haderon again to be granted access after Hell Gate reopens.

New Special Super Item Set (lv88-92)
This special super item set is 12 levels above Xyphite armor
All new weapons has the attribute “boss killer”: 30% extra damage against bosses.
All new armor has the attribute “boss defender”: 10% extra damage reduction against bosses.
The special attribute is not displayed in item description.
They will be very rare since only few players can earn them.

New Fusion System
“Enhance level” means number of times item has been enhanced.
Source item must be enhanced more than 20 enhance levels, and enhanced more times than target item.
Source item must be either armor or weapon above level 50, or an accessory.
Target item must be equipped, and below 900 enhance levels.
If source item is same level or above the target item level, target
will get 90% of the source item’s enhance level minus 5.
If source item is lower than target item level, target will get
(90 – 2 x level difference)% of source item’s enhance level minus 5.
Fused item will not exceed 900 enhance levels. (+4500 for sword/staff, +4950 for gun, +900 for armor/acc)
Source item is destroyed after fused with target item

New “Possessed” Bosses
The previous dungeon bosses you defeated have been possessed by demons from hell.
Appears rarely in the regular game dungeons (Level 51+ areas)
Will be difficult and take a long time to defeat.
Rewards large amount of experience and coins, plus either Enhance Potion or Mystery Box!

4 New Repeatable Sidequest
These will take long time to complete but rewards large amount of experience and a Mystery Box!
“Enhancing Items” – Requires level 21, Doctor Suthers in Oceana
“Possessed Bosses” – Requires level 51, Sheriff Graham in Junkton
“Ship Fragments” – Requires level 56, Mayor Nelson in Phoenix
“Isendel Trophy” – Requires level 66, Governor Neo in Metreon

10 New badges
New “post-game” badges that will be more challenging than previous ones.
Requirements are tracked start with this release, previous accomplishment not counted.
Golden background color at bottom rows of badge screen.
Each badge completed increases maximum energy by 2.

2 New Premium Ally
Powerful and versatile, purchasable / usable for level 60+
New shared ability “protect aura”, reduce damage received by 20%

New Shortcuts
‘b’ stash coins into bank
‘x’ to confirm dialog prompt
‘c’ to cancel/close dialogs, close overlays
1,2,3 to select npc action choice buttons during exploration
‘enter’ to confirm input amount during exploration
list of all shortcuts can be now found at bottom of “how to play” help file link

Game Balancing Improvements
Each defense over 100 will now reduce more damages than before when fighting raid bosses
or higher level mobs. (Makes Isendel more survivable)
Primary character attribute now has slightly more influence on damage. Players with
primary attribute 25+ will have increased damage than before.
Practice mode town leaders are now minimum 2 levels higher than you instead of only 1
Magic skill will now do 2x on critical attacks, up from 1.8×. level bonus cap removed
Bigshot bonus increased from 30 to 32
Gun enhances increase power by 5.5 per enhance level instead of 5 (rounded down)
Remove intelligence requirement on skills for sword/gun to simply, since intelligence now influences their sp pool.

Other Improvements
Demons gate mobs now rewards 50% more experience.
All sidequest to reward experience in addition to item/coins.
Level 51+ regular mobs now yields more experience and coins, difficulty increased for sewer and beyond but experience boosted further as well.
Isendel Mobs also have increased experience.
Premium attribute resetting and combat skill resetting now has new user interface
The Free LP + Refills special promotion now applies to all premium times and allies
above 20 gems (including 7-day boosts).
Minor bug fixes

We are extending the Memorial Day Super Event by 1 day to celebrate the expansion’s release.

Update June 1, 2011

Hell Gate Changes:
Top 3 player will now receive level 92 items, 4th-7th will receive 91-88 respectively
Top player will receive 40% exp bonus, second will receive 30%, others unchanges
Mini mobs experience increased 100%, this should make the mobs here best exp per energy on average.
Fallen defense increased by 80% (damage will reduce by 40%), but experience per damage and base exp increased by 150%
Fallen restart timer increased from 1 hour to 3 hours to also balance out the rate game rewards the top items.

Other Improvemnts:
Isendel Mobs experience further increased
Mini mob’s experience for Invasion, Alien Portal, and Demon Gate increased
Minor bug fixes

Update June 3, 2011 (patchless tweaks)

Following tweaks were made recently to further balance out the rewards in the new expansion. There
might be another patch in the next couple weeks to fix the non-enchanted fallen staves and other remaining issues if needed.

Isendel mob experience further increased
Invasion alien experience further increased
Red/Purple regular mob occurrence rate reduced
Regeneration armors’ cap increased
Fallen coin reward increased

Update June 5, 2011 (Patchless bug fixes)

Player’s Fallen exp bonus was not reseting when the next Fallen’s defeated if they didn’t do any damage to it again. This will be automatically corrected with the next Fallen’s defeat.
A old bug was causing Dust Merchants and Gamblers were not encounter-able if all your coins were in the bank and not on hand, so players stashed coins regularly can never find them. This became more broken/exploitable with the ‘b’ stash hotkey, and has now been fixed.
Following only affects players who completed the main game quest.
All coin reward for defeating special encounter characters increased 100% (doubled)
Experience for defeating Magic Elf increased 200% (Tripled)
Experience for defeating Gambler, Dust Merchant, Wiseman, Guardian, increased 400% (5X)
Experience for defeating Little Imp increased 500% (6X)
Experience for defeating Girl in Red increased 800% (9X)

Update June 8, 2011 (Update Patch for Expansion)

Hell Gate Changes
Fallen Defense increased, coin reward per damage increased
Fallen Items are now un-vaultable so they stay rare as original designed
Top 5 ranked played earns 15%/12%/10%/8%/6% bonus for their guild
Only highest bonus count if multiple members is in top 5, expires when next Fallen is defeated
Bonus stays with previous guild if player changes guild afterwards
Top 5 individual bonus reduced to 20%/18%/16%/14%/12%
Non-enchanted fallen staff has built in 20%/30%/40%/50%/60% bonus spell damage
Scoped fallen bow now has +40% crits
Fallen item sell price increased and item value no longer capped.

Mystery Box Improvements
Mystery Boxes no longer contain pre-demon equipments for 54+ players
Fallen item is now a rare drop (1%) for level 86+ (For players below level 90, the fallen item will randomly between character level + 2 and 92).
Xyphite items added for players between level 76-85 as rare (1%) drop
Greater Crystal items added for players between 72-75 as a rare (1%) drop

Other Improvements
Pressing 1-5 on boss screens without inventory can now equip/use item at that slot (please be careful as we will not restore potion/dust used)
Pvp exp increased for level 45+
auto explore exp slightly increase for level 51+
Increased reward for completing chance quests for 51+
Increased max level of imp target from 60 to 70, above 70 will not receive pk quests
Increased exp/coin from the Wiseman for 51+
Possessed boss exp and coin doubled
Fixed bug with demon gate mobs experience
Increase stakes for gambler for 51+
Dust merchant will no longer give fake dusts
Rate of dust merchant and gambler reduced for level 51+
Rate of magic elf increased on Isendel
Invasion alien minis no longer capped at level 90 instead of 75 (names adjustment only)
Gun/Staff weapons now deal 2.1x on mothership on crits (balances out sword +block advantage)

Update June 9, 2011 (Update Patch for Expansion)

Hell Gate Changes
Existing Fallen items have been renamed (as the greater Fallen items).
New set of vaultable Fallen items (lv85-89) has been added with previous names. This helps close the gap for players below 86 that is not able to get the greater Fallen Items from mystery boxes or as top 3 reward.
New Fallen items has 80% of bonuses as greater Fallen Items (+24% boss damage on weapons, 8% boss reduction on armor, stats is 4 per level, etc)
New Fallen items drop at 1% chance after each fight with Fallen, regardless of damage.
Level of item dropped is between 4-5 levels higher than players level.
Last increase to Fallen;s defense was reverted original lower levels, but the 67% coin increase stays (this change was already applied before the patch)
Guild Bonuses is now given to top 7 player-ranking guild (15/12/10/8/6/4/2)%. Bonus for duplicate entries is passed down to next player’s guild on list.

Other Changes
Reverted previous uncap of invasion aliens. They are now recapped at level 75.

Update June 14, 2011

Hell Gate Changes:
Top 7 guild Exp Bonus inreased to 20/16/12/10/8/6/4
Top 5 individual Exp Bonus decreased to 15/14/13/12/11

Increase Experience Changes:
Experience per damage doubled for Mothership (some players may still receive the minimum reward threshold for their level).
Isendel mob’s exp is now based on higher value of player’s level and monster’s level (instead of just monster’s level).

Other Improvements:
Added new ‘l’ shortcut key to open class screen.
Added new ‘m’ shortcut key to open ally screen.
Some screen shortcuts was not working if another screen was open, this is fixed now.
Ally displayed on screen was not updating if changed from ally screen, this is fixed now.

Update July 8, 2011

Free Mystery Boxes
Guardian will now give out free mystery boxes every 24 hours on the Guardian screen.

Hell Gate Changes
Fallen HP can only be reduced up to 400M by single player. Additional damage still adds to players damage total for ranking and reward purposes.
When Fallen is defeated, player gained access to Hell Gate but did not enter will keep their access when Fallen is revived (they don’t need to defeat Queen again).
Hell Gate’s “Stat” button has been added next to Isendel on the world map for level 81+ players.

New Invasion Player Bonus
Top 5 individual ranking for each town earns 20/16/12/10/8% Exp bonus.
Players below top 5 can still earn 1% for every 100M dealt, up to 5%.
Only the earned highest bonus for a player counts. (does not stack)
This is effective immediately, bonus applied for the last invasion round.
Individual player’s damage contribution their guild’s total is now capped at 10 Billion in each city.

Other improvements
Added “Magic Power” rating on the attributes section of profile screen when staff wielders above level 10 view their own profile. This number is similar but not fully comparable your attack rating.
Spacebar hotkey should no longer scroll the browser when explore/continue is not available.
Maximum level cap is now set to level 95, which maybe increased with future expansions.
Class screen now hides benefits for lower classes when higher one is unlocked. (allows faster switching to ultimate classes)
New 12 Gems package for 25 Kreds has been added.
Exp for some npc first 4 area of isendel was unintentionally increased/decreased, this is now fixed.
Fixed a bug preventing Girl in Red from giving out mob quests in Hell Gate.
Fixed a bug where on Isendel and Invasion, the guild vault was enabled and changing equipment was causing the “sell” button to show up.
Setting options added to top-right of the profile screen. (already released last week)
Blue crystal sets are now worth 20 energy, green crystal sets are now worth 45 energy.

The next major expansion is tentatively planned for end of August. More details and dates will be announced next month.

Update July 14, 2011

Personal Invasion Bonus (effective at end of current invasion)
The personal bonus will be purely based on achievement without regards to ranking.
All players can get 1% for each 100M damage dealt up to 10%.
After that, players can earn additional 1% bonus for each 1B damage dealt, up to a total of 25% for 16B damage.
Only highest damage town counts. If a player dealt 1B damage in one town and 2B in another, they will only earns 11% bonus when invasion ends.

Other Improvements
Guardian will now award Free Mystery Boxes every day instead every 24 hours. (available at midnight server time when daily chest become available)
Leaderboards for guild’s current Demon Gates, Alien Portal, and Isendel bosses can now be accessed by click on the “Boss HP” link.
Item info overlay reformatted and added color codes for names. (white=common, blue=bonus effects, purple=rare, orange=epic)

Update Auguest 5, 2011

Enhanced skills
magic skills class and weapon damage bonus now multiplicatively stacks (eg: before, 20% class bonus and 50% weapon bonus will deal 1.7 times more, now it would be 1.2*1.5=1.8 times more).
gun skills may now do up to 12% more damage, average damage increases more when skill level is closer to or higher than player’s level (capped when skill level >= player level).
sword skills may now do up to 10% more damage, average damage increases more when skill level is closer to or higher than player’s level (capped when skill level >= player level).

If a player requests high level item and restarts, then the approved request will not display until they get within 8 levels of that item.

Top player ranking now shows the top 100 instead of 50.

Quick screen transition option
Can be turned on from “options” link on character screen
Automatically on if playing from a mobile browser

The next expansion is tentatively scheduled for August 31.
The current planned major features roughly include a new massive 3-section dungeon (mobs level 60-98), upgradable ally skills, a new wonders-war system for guilds, new item sets plus expanded item system, and new badges. More details will be provided toward the end of the month (none available until then).

Update August 31, 2011

“Mystic Wars” Expansion

Mystic Wars System
Wonder based guild war.
Level 61+ can help build/repair wonders, level 71+ can attack wonders
Click here for details

New 3-Section Dungeon, “Mystic Mines”
Located off Mt.Killjoy
Gnome Mine: For level 61+, boss level 71
Orc Mine: For level 82+, boss level 90
Drow Mine: for Level 90+, boss level 98
Guild based, requires coin or gem offer to gain entrance for the guild
Uses same “rage” mechanism and item reward mechanism as Isendel
Defeating boss earns 4/15/20 offensive fame, also 1/2/3 Mystic Stones

Upgradable Ally Skills
Available to level 10+ players
Each one of ally skill starts at skill level 1 when they acquire the skill
Use Ally Skill Books to train up to level 21
Training past level 2 might fail similar to enhance potions, with odds improving per failure
Effects are listed from “details” link on ally screen or when clicking “Use” buttons on skill books
Skill books drops from puzzle box with 5% chance and 2% chance from Mystery Boxes
Once ally skill upgrade, any time you summon/find an ally of same kind will have the upgraded skill

2 New Item Sets
Orc items are rewarded for defeating Hector, base level 82
Orc items: bonus stats x2, weapon 10% boss attack, armor 5% boss protection
Orc ring gives 50 energy, drops in mystery boxes for 82+, (odds same as alien ring)
Drow items are rewarded for defeating Lolith, base level 91, unvaultable
Drow items: bonus stats x7, weapon 36% boss attack, armor 12% boss protection
Drow ring gives 25% attack, drops in mystery box for level 90+ (rarer than crystal ring)

Expanded Item System
Added “of agility” items that increase dexterity
Added “of wisdom” items that increase intelligence
Added extension sets for “of power/speed/life/agility/window” from +4 to +8
Added extension sets for “of regeneration” items up to +9 that adds constitution
Added extension sets for guardian items up to +9 that adds strength
Added extension sets for scoped items up to +9 that adds dexterity
Added extension sets for enhanced items up to +9 that adds intelligence
Extension set for post-game items are rare drops from mystery boxes

5 New Badges
All are advanced badges with +2 max energy each
One for defeating each new Mystic Mine bosses with minimum 10% damage 50 times
Mystic Badge: Attack 20 different wonders (no damage requirement)
Fallen Badge: Deal 100M fallen damage

Extensible Bank Storage
Available to level 30+
Purchase 5 additional slot for 32 gems
Free refills + 20LP offer applies
Can purchase 3 times to make bank storage hold 20 items
Items in storage are now automatically sorted by level

Experience Bonus Listing
Click on the “Star” icon on the stats bar to open
Shows your current value for various experience bonuses

New Guardian Doll Item
Guardian dolls are 1-use items that save you in tough boss fights
When your health drops below 0, it restores it to to 2X maximum HP
Automatically activates in combat if placed inside inventory
Rare drops from puzzle boxes and mystery boxes

Improvement Changes
All raid and possessed boss’s second skills will now only trigger on or after the 10th round
Invasion’s per damage reward doubled for players exceeding the minimum xp threshold
Neocorn King now drops 8-times enhanced crystal items instead of greater alien items
Free energy refill are now rewarded on badge completions
Guild vault items now automatically sort by level
Mystery box have slight lower chance for coin drops.
Enhanced potions and mystery boxes are now purchased from Inventory screen instead of Guardian
Nahazir will always be 25M HP regardless of guild size
Fixed a bug where the ring slot and crystals are not cleared when resetting your character
Fixed a bug where using items from inventory screen does not take a battle turn
Skill boxes now should auto scroll to the bottom if needed for non-hotkey users

Post release updates and fixes:

Puzzle boxes in Mystic Mine now gives the same xp and coins as Isendel
Bug causing Raid boss HP decreasing more than damage dealt is fixed
Opening mines now generate a message to qualifying guild members
Gnome Mine’s exp slightly increased (note: it’s still lower Isendel as it’s not a replacement for Isendel)

(continued below)
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Re: Server Update 01/22/2010 - 9/15/2011

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(continued from above)

Tweaks September 7, 2011:

Experience for defeating defenders in Mystic Hall increased by 25%.
Coins for attacking Mystic Wonders (base and per damage) increased by 25%, subjected to same cap.
Healer button added to Mystic Hall for convenience.
Potions and dusts inside bank storage can no longer be used during battle (but still can be taken into inventory).
Known Bug: Destroyed Mystic Wonders built by a guild are mistakenly added to that guild’s “Drow Mine” count during the next recount. This will be fixed with the next update.

Update September 15, 2011

Mystic Wonder Changes
Number of repairs for each wonder reduced from 40 to 30, starting next war phase
If guilds have defenders both stronger and weaker than the attacker and less than 5 defenders are within level range, then weaker members will be added to random selection list
Fixed a bug where you can attack one wonder’s defenders then attack wonder boss of another
Fixed a bug where total damage over 2.147B can be come negative (by capping recorded total to 2.147B)
Fixed a bug where destroyed wonders were counting as completed drow mines

Class Balancing Improvements
Each gun enhance now adds 6.0 base damage instead of 5.5
Each staff enhance now adds 0.6% spell damage instead of 0.5%
All staffs with stat bonuses will now have base spell damage bonus (since increased physical damage is useless):
enchanted staffs: base enchant bonus + 1% for per bonus stat value
non-enchanted staff: 2% per bonus stat value
non-enchanted fallen/drow staff: 2% per bonus stat value + 20% (same as before)
Scoped guns + Aim now reduce block chance by same amount as other servers (56%/76% based on gun, up from 46%/56%)

Other Improvements and Fixes
Switching equipments during fights no longer reduces your health to your maximum
Alien ring will no longer drow if you have the drow ring
Guild ranking now has “top 200” and “top 1000” options instead of “view all”
Fixed a bug where level 90+ character might deal negative damage to level 4x mobs
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