Guild / Shop level update to mobile server!

Guild / Shop level update to mobile server!

Postby admin » Fri May 08, 2015 3:59 am

Ahoy Mateys,

Great News! - We have increased 5 guild levels (level 41-45), 2 lab levels (level 23-24), and 1 shop level (level 9) to the mobile server. The level 9 guild shop will introduce 8 new cards, including 3 of the most prestigious 6-star cards available in the game (no other hints given). The level 9 shop will also have 15% higher odds for other top cards compared to level 8 shop. In addition, previous 4-star cards from previous time limited maps are now made available at small odds for level 5+ shops. The new cards and increased better card odds are deducted from odds from lower/common cards.

The building images have not been added for the new levels and will likely be included in the new expansion that is being planned (to be announced shortly). The changes mentioned above will be also made available to the Facebook server at the time next expansion is deployed.

Stay tuned for more great news and updates!

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