Design suggestions / bug reports thread (Facebook version)

Design suggestions / bug reports thread (Facebook version)

Postby Jorge » Wed Dec 09, 2015 7:12 am

Not sure how I should name this thread tbh. This is just a bunch of things that I've been picking up that I want to share here for consideration before I forget them. Rather than suggestions of new content or new complex features, these are just suggestions of small "tweaks" to the existing mechanics. Again, they are just for possible consideration and as a reference in case there's something that the team may not be aware of. (although the ones that are actually bugs would have a higher priority). If any other player has a similar suggestion to add, I'd love to keep this post updated. If I come up with anything else, I'll update the post as well.

  • The attack animations often crash the game when it's lagging, forcing you to reload it. There's probably no easy way around this but I thought I might as well leave it here while we're at it. It was discussed here: viewtopic.php?f=41&t=14942 Kinda related to this, there's also a case for the "board-reset" skill animation lagging and apparently causing the panel of the following spin to display wrongly, as though the board-reset effect of the previous spin still applied to the current turn, while in reality it's only a display bug.
  • The mechanics of targeting enemies, which I brought up here: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=15222 Being able to just deselect the target would be nice too.
  • After strengthening a card, the game always goes back to the first page of your card list, regardless of the page you were at. However, I have noticed that the game still remembers the scroll position you were at. Say, if the cards you used for strengthening were in the middle of page 3, the game will bring you to the middle of page 1, which is just weird. If the game could also remember the page you were last at, it would make the process of strengtheing multiple cards faster and more intuitive.
  • When you have multiple cards with the same name and at the same level, it would be nice to have an option to see them stocked up instead of one by one (except for cards in your team or protected cards), with an visual indication of how many you have, similar to materials. Although this is admittedly a bit too greedy, when I think about this what I have in mind is an 'x #' symbol (# being the number of cards in that pile) placed in the grey box where the orange tick usually is, so that if you click on it, the stacked cards expand and show one by one, so that you can select them normaly.
  • I think it would be a nice addition to be able to see how many materials or potions you have when they appear in the guild shop. Just like when you click on a card and the card's full screen image is triggered, it would be nice to be able to quickly see the amount you have of a material or a potion by clicking on its icon when it appears in the guild shop.
  • The indicator of the amount of cards you have only displays when you are strengthening cards, but not when you are changing the team or evolving. In addition, it doesn't update when the page reloads after you use some cards for strengthening, wrongly displaying the amount of cards you had before strengthening.
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Re: Design suggestions / bug reports thread (Facebook versio

Postby pmsupport » Wed Dec 09, 2015 9:43 pm

Hi Jorge, thanks for your report and suggestions.
Enjoy the game!
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