Server Update 4/04/2016 - Olympus Expansion

Server Update 4/04/2016 - Olympus Expansion

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Update April 4, 2016

Mount Olympus

Brave dreamers have conquered the corners of Dream World and brought peace to the civilians. However, their proud actions have been seen as arrogance by the Ancient Gods. The angered Deity on Mount Olympus have declared war on the "vain mortals", as they opened a path through Mount Killjoy. Do you have the brawn and balls to face angry Gods?

* Mount Olympus
** Entrance available to level 104+ players at Mount Killjoy
** "Bosses only" area with 21 unique new bosses divided into 3 areas.
** Fight 80 mini bosses in each area before fighting the guild shared main boss.
** Bosses does not have instant kill the second skill is hard to survive for most players.
** Collect 18 new 6-star cards and 3 new 7-star cards.
** Area 2 and 3 drops the new Gods Gear (see below)

* Level/Cap increases
** Player level cap increased to 110
** Stat cap increased to 2000 for str/int/dex/qui, 3000 for con (FB only)

* New Gods Gear Equipments
** Ultimate item set with highest base stats and attribute bonuses
** Weapon 64% boss damage
** Armor 32% boss protection
** God Ring with 45% damage bonus (Mystery Box Only item)
** Gods item drops in Mystery Boxes for level 106+
** Gods armor and weapon drops in Mount Olympus 2 and 3.

* 2 New Allies
** Available to level 100+ players
** Fairy Queen - Gigaheal 3X more than megaheal, shield, block (full defensive)
** Belial - Evilness (15% base damage bonus), block, copy (higher trigger than others)

* 5 New badges
** Master Duelist badge for 10,000 wins
** God of Monsters badge for 100K Monster Arena Points.
** 3 new boss badges for killing 200 of each new boss.
** Rewards maximum energy cap and refills like past badges

* Black Market Improvements
** The market may now sell heavily pre-enhanced (200-500) items at small odds
** Adjusted Buy Now price so lower tier equipments becomes cheaper
** Adjusted starting bid prices on rings and items to avoid time wasting low bids

* King of Duels (anti-collaboration) improvements
** Defender card random shuffled differently per each attacker
** Setting battle deck to below 80% of maximum power will automatically reset to highest potential deck. (updated 4/6)

* New key shortcuts and anti-scripting improvements
** 'j" shortcut added to character screen (updated)
** 'f' shortcut added to guardian screen
** Removed scripting warning popup during battle but will log silently if player constantly triggers it
** Added force delay to limit 1 explore action per second. This is very reasonable threshold and will help us easily determine scripters.

* Bank Storage Improvements
** Increase bank storage up to 80=>120
** Monster Arena passes stored in bank can now be used without retrieving into inventory

* Other Improvements
** Improved defense formula so defense higher than 900 will receive slightly less damage than before.
** Improved defense formula so higher defense will receive less damage as when attacked by mobs significantly higher level.
** Mystery Boxes is now 25% more likely to drop pills (16% drop increase to 20%).
** Devil equipments (the first set, not the greater set) can now be vaulted with enhances removed.
** Equipment names now reflect number of enhances they have.
** Battle results now displays round counts, round count also now increase at start of player turn instead of mob turn.
** Viewing other players profile now shows their ring as well.
** Fixed "Back to Area Map" buttons from mystic mine and atlantis explore screens, added the button for mines battle.
** Other minor tweaks, bug fixes, and improvements
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Re: Server Update 4/04/2016 - Olympus Expansion

Postby admin » Mon Apr 11, 2016 4:17 am

Update April 11, 2016

Patches to Olympus Expansion

* King of Duels anti-collaboration & improvements
** Increased King of Duels minimum custom battle deck to at least 85% of potential power.
** Added prestige score bonus for fighting high-scoring players close to or above your score.

* Bug Fixes
** Fixed incorrect Olympus boss completion count (area 2 was displaying as 3).
** Fixed attack formula for arena and mystic fights for high level players so they and allies do not deal negative damages.
** Fixed incorrect arena and mystic fight status lines (eg. blocked stated as misses).
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