Guild War bug (fairly urgent)

Guild War bug (fairly urgent)

Postby Kold » Sun Jan 15, 2017 7:47 pm

This is a potential bug to do with guild winning guild wars. Basically, while I was trying to figure out how Necessarius has so much excess guild fund I found that in the help for Guild Members there is a section for Guild Fund that states that ''winning guild wars'' is a source of Guild Fund, but when I look on the Victory promt that comes up when I tap on the Guild War screen it says that the guild recieved 0 Guild Fund after winning a medium area (Note the the screen also uses the old gold version of the Guild Fund symbol).

I went through this with Quinta, the leader of Necessarius, and he said that it was the same for him, and I assume he won a large area. Necessarius apparently has around 700k spare Guild Fund, and my guild, Frostbitten, which is ranked 4th has only 20k, for there to be such a big difference in fund between the 1st and 4th ranked guilds is a serious red flag that something is wrong to me. If this issue could be looked into it very much appreciated.

Side note, my IGN is Kold, I commented twice in the Discussion / Suggestions & Feedbacks post.
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Re: Guild War bug (fairly urgent)

Postby admin » Mon Jan 16, 2017 5:21 am

Wining guild war does not reward guild fund, the help info is incorrect will be adjusted.

I assume Quinta's guild is getting more guild fund due to most members donating 3 times a day and spending more stamina, but you can ask him more directly how his guild pulled off this as no other guild as nearly that much guild fund reserve.
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