Chapter 4 side missions bugged?

Chapter 4 side missions bugged?

Postby outseekerdroid » Wed Jun 07, 2017 2:54 am

It's been a while!

After weeks of grinding, I finally beat the team of 3 leeching golems that swore to die together and then the next few missions to unlock Charles. I've been very much eagerly awaiting some more fun/funny storyline stuff instead of just grinding missions for bless materials, gold, xp, etc. and don't think I quite experienced the game as it was intended.

During Chapter 4's little sidequests, all of the enemy spawns were broken (or unfinished I suppose).

I just finished "The Tiring Tests" sidequest, where Master Panama was telling me I was helping him test his newly-invented golems, and I realised that no golem enemies had ever spawned throughout all of his missions! Just the exact same human (I assume default) set of enemies spawned every time- cataclysm mage, zealot and priest.

I guess I can never repeat these missions since they disppear once you've completed them, but it would be cool to get this fixed so others can enjoy progressing through it in the future :)

*edit* Also later in the Thieves at the fountain mission, I had the same default spawns even though the dialogue said "I have a golem with me this time" or something to that effect. I guess it's a thing with all the lil sidemissions in this chapter perhaps.

Cheers <3
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Re: Chapter 4 side missions bugged?

Postby admin » Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:33 pm

Thanks for the report. I will forward it to the dev team to see if it's intended that there are no golem enemies.

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