Mobile (Google Play) UI Update Oct 10, 2019

Mobile (Google Play) UI Update Oct 10, 2019

Postby admin » Fri Oct 11, 2019 2:37 am

Hi all,

We just released some minor user interface improvements to the Google Play version of the game. The main changes were:

- The attack button has been replaced and the controls are relocated to the lower right corner for easier reach.
- The left side inventory items has been removed from regular battles, but you can always access them via the "Inventory" button in the menu.
- Slightly increased text sizes in areas.
- Last chosen skill has been remembered across from each battle so there is no need to reselect the same skill.

- Quick screen transition option has been added to the settings menu (top left gear icon). Please check it if you find the new transition too slow or annoying.
- Mob's box red flash animation has been replaced with brief brightening on the mob on hit (if mob flash wasn't disabled).
- The option to "disable" auto attack is renamed "Auto" and states are reversed (checked means enabled)
- Various bug fixes (broken links, etc).

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