Previous Trojan War mileage cards upgraded!

Previous Trojan War mileage cards upgraded!

Postby admin » Mon Sep 27, 2021 5:31 pm

Dear Dragon Era Fans,

To prepare for the new 8-star Dual Element mileage reward cards, we have upgraded the previous set of 7-8 star Trojan War mileage cards (Philoctetes, Helen, Paris, Cassandra, Epeius) with the following:

- Direct damage part of active skill increased from 20X damage to 50X damage.
- Leader skill increased from 3.5X attack boost to 5X attack boost.
- Previous 8-star version cards also received a stats boost.
- Previous 8-star version of cards will be upgradable to Dual Element version with much higher stats (NOTE: If you are able upgrade before each new dual element version is officially released, the new cards will work but their images will be missing)

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