recent patches

recent patches

Postby admin » Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:37 pm

Here are list of changes that have been patched over the last week:

- a collections meta-game (collect crystals from dungeon chest to earn prizes, including gems!)
- PvP with allies bug fixes (ally was hitting for too much and opponent's ally was not attacking)
- various other minor bug fixes
- premium items and ally were added
- before you get defeated, there is a chance that one of your real guild member saves you
- surfaced pending invite notification
- price for gems reduced, those purchased before reduction were credited the difference
- header/stats background enhancement
- various UI updates
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Re: recent patches

Postby admin » Wed Nov 18, 2009 2:57 pm

Patches this week were mostly graphics enhancements and bug fixes.

- Various UI improvements.
- Reduced turn timer by 2 minutes (please do not ask for further reduction, 1 energy here is not same as other games)
- Added a skill list at bottom when you encounter a new ally.
- Added mechanism to prevent players spamming the attack button so they do not cause their browser to go into weird states.
- Tweaks how maximum skill points are calculated, some people will notice a increase in their maximum skill points.
- Added a rare "friend" encounter. (note: choosing ignore will not send notification and give same reward, for compliance with Facebook policy)
- Reduced energy pill cost from 48 to 40 temporarily.
- Fixed a bug where accepting a guild invites after creating a character was resetting your coins back to 500.
- Fixed a bug where gems gained from trading crystal was removed again after next login (those had legitimate trades were credit back).
- Some new characters were created twice causing them to see a new character next time they login.
- Various other minor bug fixes.
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