Server Update 03/05/2012 - "Prelude to Darkness" Expansion

Server Update 03/05/2012 - "Prelude to Darkness" Expansion

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Update March 5, 2012

"Prelude to Darkness" Expansion

* New Unlockable Chapters + 5th Planet
** Fight the elite pirate in chapter N and to find 5 map pieces. (piece drop rate is 10%)
** Combine the map pieces and use the map to unlock Chapter 10 and 11. (full map also sold in mall)
** Players in chapter N can defeat the last boss of chapter 9 again to pickup the slightly altered storyline dialog.
** 5th Planet will be unlocked after defeating chapter 11.

* New level caps for chapter N+ players
** Hero can now reach level 60
** Buildings can be upgraded to level 30
** Military and Civil techs can be upgraded to level 30

* New Tier VI ships - "Mobile Fortress"
** Can be built with with level 26+ shipyard.
** Mobile Fortress is worth 25M Army Strength and require 400 command to lead.
** Each player can only have 1 Mobile Fortress assigned at any time.

* New Hero Skills and Achievements
** Added 3 new Hero Skills
** Added 4 new achievements
** Added forget skill function which removes a skill from a hero and return 1 skill book. Click on hero's skill to access the "Forget" button (costs gold).

* Phantom Nebula - Virtual PvP Galaxy
** Phantom galaxy members are clones of random players in the game.
** Similar to PvP, but takes 3 AP since phantoms does not revenge.
** Phantoms are rotated every 2 hours, players attacked the phantoms has higher chance to be cloned by the phantoms.

* Other Changes
** When a pillar is defeated, all other unprotected pillar below 50M HP will be restored up to 10M HP (not to exceed 50M).
** In the first 4 hours after a member joined a new galaxy, they will not be able to attack pillars, repair pillars, or receive coupons when pillar is destroyed.
** Galaxies ranked 6+ in the damage can now take over the pillar if other previous conditions are met.
** Misc bug fixes.

To celebrate the new expansion, we are extended the Super Weekend Sale by 1 day.
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