Server Update 05/25/2012

Server Update 05/25/2012

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Update May 25, 2012

* Added Rare/Epic equipments for Auction
** Game will general 3 blue/purple items (~20% odd of being purple) at the top of the equip section for Auction.
** Each new item will have a 3 hour timer before it is sold to the highester bidder.
** Each new bid must be 5% higher than the previous. You cannot cancel your bid or overbid yourself.
** When there is a new bid and timer has less than 30 minutes remaining, the timer is reset to 30 minutes.
** Credits is taken from you when you place the bid. If you are overbid, the credits you spent bidding is returned to you via mail.
** If you are currently the highest bidder, the item's picture will have a hammer icon at the top left corner.
** When the auction end, the winner will receive the item via mail, and a new item will be added for auction.

* Improvements/Fixes
** Fixed a bug that might cause some pillars might be destroyed prematurely when it's very low on health.
** Changed hero attribute mouse-over to display their attribute related skill level instead of the effect percentage, so it's not mistaken that the skills add to your attribute value.
** Galaxy board message will now use the same filter as global chat so it's less restrictive.
** Misc bug fixes.
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