Heroes War Suggestion

Heroes War Suggestion

Postby Zhao » Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:16 am

Nice gameplay, good job. Crowded and cute avatar. :)
Suggestion :
1. Adding battle sound ;)
2. Heroes war between Galaxy would be fun (online players Vs online players) :D
3. The war takes too long time sometimes (normal-hard boss), we can lose chance for the lottery in the mall.
so, pause button maybe ? :D

War of Heroes Guide video
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Re: Heroes War Suggestion

Postby Kalon » Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:35 pm

First off, I LOVE the new update. It's a lot of fun. The CCG/TD may not be for everyone but I quite enjoy it. And it does take more time--which is fine. More interaction for me in the game. Nothing but pleased. I know a lot of people complain about updates not being good enough, or not liking the changes--I LOVE these changes. Well done all around I must say!

The addition of buying hero slots, which is nearly an absolute need, with coupons is a great bonus. Those that don't buy gold can now still get more builders now to keep up with planets. Excellent add.

Last chat tab: YES! Oh thank god yes!
Mail length: Good. Hardly could say anything before.
Exp showing: Nifty. Much easier to truly understand how far you are or how much you have to go.
Raid team auto-open window: Fantastic.

I'm fine with not having new chapters/level/gem raid bosses and having those for next expansion. This is such a big update I understand not having those. And it's a chance, especially with the new helmets adding an extra equipment slot, for people to catch up and get fifth planets.

Few minor suggestions/fixes/etc:
1. When getting invited to fight Summoner, can it say Summoner, and not simply "Boss?"
2. Summoner-normal is right now spelled as Summoner-"noraml"
3. Right now, when you're in a visit battle, you are stuck. If it would be possible to "minimize" this, so you can join a raid team, or check the mall (for when a purple lotto goes up and it's prime time and picks are going FAST), or just do other things. You all have done a great job with the interface allowing us to switch between windows and not be "stuck" anywhere so far.
4. Generally, 1 gold = 1,000 coupons. Why then are hero slots doubled the normal gold to coupon ratio? Could the cost of buying a hero slot with coupons reflect the normal ratio?
5. Love the auto-open window on raids... Now, if on pillar raids the leader runs out of ap, to find a way to "switch" leadership so you can leave and not kick everyone would be great.
6. Can we expect any "limited time only" mall equipment for fourth of july or this expansion pack, or even next?
7. Will next expansion make buildings build further than 30?
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Re: Heroes War Suggestion

Postby Kalon » Wed Jun 27, 2012 3:12 pm

8: The new auction tab, the items don't have enough proper space for description. If you have a purple item, a digit gets cut off in item number. Looks like level 4 instead of 40 or 45.
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