Arena ztill zuckz ,and more bugz

Arena ztill zuckz ,and more bugz

Postby Fatkittybaron » Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:54 am

1)The numberz for % of crit and zuch dont work...I had people who crit nearly every other turn and only have a 5% ..
2)I get dizconnected ALOT......tried clearing cache,turning off facebook chat zo on..
3)Ztill pull inzainly powerful charz...real fun ...if your one of a few zuper powerz...dont u guyz beta tezt thiz?
4) Auto mode ztill goez on ,for NO REAZON....a large number of playerz report thiz,yet nothing iz done....whatz up with that?

I noticed a pozt by admid ealyer,zaying u can cancle zuto match to avoid the 100 point difference...thatz a crock dude, more like 1000 or more point differnce can happen... not a 100 ... ;D 12 cardz vz 23 iz NOT a 100 pt difference .

Going back on ztrike for arena again ..could be a good game,juzt zo far, zuckz in the way itz being controlled.
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Re: Arena ztill zuckz ,and more bugz

Postby Zhao » Tue Aug 07, 2012 6:14 am

Kitty kitty puss, look what i have here ... a bone. :)
1) I agree, seems like the chance of this game didn't match the description, i think dev should changing the script for the random generator (i am not sure if flash can supporting a good generate random numbers, it sucks at clearing the computer memory slot).
2) no comment, i didn't experiencing this one :lol:
3) Agreed, new patch is always bugged. Script always need to be tested before dev release the patch.
4) I bet the script that triggered automatically auto mode on War of Heroes comes from time counter (25 seconds, if hit 0 twice, switch to auto), however players sometimes hit the 0 time counter too (they thinking too long ?). If this is right, then you can avoid auto by hitting end turn button every time you're done, Kitty. 8-)

I also want to report a bug about new patch,
when i change the gears on a hero, there is a warning about change hero profession on WoH,
This action will change your hero's profession in "War of Heroes" to Assassin. Continue?
however the text is inverted. It says "Guardian" when i changed to war (should be an assassin), and vice versa.
It happens too to the other classes.
Note : Please remove this warning, really annoying and not helping us. :(
Edit : Thanks for the new option to hide the warning :)
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